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Open Golf!!!

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Post  Celia Eriksson Mon Jul 30, 2018 10:24 am

Miki wrote:Go get 'what's her name' fixed and play some golf.

Hi Miki!!!!!

So Helga decided to have a bit of fun. The tailgate opens and closes perfectly now. I phoned the garage and cancelled, I can live with topping up the coolant every couple of days. I think Helga might have been a bit upset, coz I dropped the coolant container when putting it back, she has a mind of her own..... and does not suffer me gladly if I don't treat her with upmost respect. It's nice and cloudy so I am going for a round tomorrow afternoon if it stays the same. I'm waiting for my friends from Swindon to call, we are going out today to a local tourist site, else today would have been perfect, it's only about 65-70 ATM.

Hi Angel!

Good to hear that! I am a fun person too! Lots of fun can be viewed at my fun thread as well! It's called Celia's Fun Thread and can be found on General Discussion, Miki highly recommends it!

Celia xx

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