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Sex and Gender are not real.

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Sex and Gender are not real. Empty Re: Sex and Gender are not real.

Post  Lesley Niyori Sun Jul 22, 2018 2:09 pm

Just because portions of society invent a term for something, doesn't mean it has any measurable worth.

Christianity calls me an abomination because of a portion of Leviticus in the old testament.
They also believe in an incredible sum of outright bullshit. So how far do you want to honour their labels?

The portion of real science we call 'hard science' has little if any respect for the field of psychiatry. So if a shrink says gender dysphoria is a mental health issue, so what. How far do you want to care what they have to say about anything?

AGP, just a term invented from observations that might have no merit. So blather on about AGP if you wish, but some think it's a stupid term for defining something that is subjective.

You wonder what it is like to 'fuck' with a penis. I was married 27 years and likely experienced as much sex as 5 people would in a lifetime. I have only been with 1 person. So what, the sensation is what we are discussing.

I can be quite frank here. The sensation of ejaculation inside of a vagina is pleasant.
So is biting into a really good piece of fruit, or the euphoric sensation you get after a very good shit. Ejaculation is no better than what you feel from a really badly needed long piss.

Ejaculation is a sudden sensation of passing fluids out of your penis. So is urinating.

Everyone has sensations they like. I'm sure orgasm will probably be as nice as ejaculation.
But I'd rather sit with a man across a table at a nice restaurant savouring a truly awesome steak.
Orgasm is like 30 seconds of OMG!, A good steak if dinner plate sized could take you 30 minutes to enjoy. 30 seconds vs 30 minutes.

I'd rather fall asleep in a man's arms as opposed to being fucked by him most evenings.

The man I marry can ask to be sucked off as often as he wants it. He can enjoy all the sex he can endure. But chances are I'm only going to 'need' 3 really orgasms a month.

Sex is not everything, it doesn't even get on my top 5 list. It might even have trouble getting on my top 10 if the man is actually more than just a penis in the relationship.

People are people, not just something to have sex with.

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Lesley Niyori
Lesley Niyori

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The author of this message was banned from the forum - See the message

Sex and Gender are not real. Empty Re: Sex and Gender are not real.

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