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Of all the problems of my transition...

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Of all the problems of my transition... Empty Of all the problems of my transition...

Post  Lesley Niyori Fri Jul 27, 2018 2:29 pm

Transition is no picnic regardless of your situation.

All the money in the world would not solve some issues.

Being Canadian has permitted me to be on the other side of GRS, but, GRS didn't make me suddenly sufficiently 'female' to get anywhere with dating.

I see it and hear it even with guys who are nice and accepting. They like me just fine, "as a friend" but, they don't want to have sex with me let alone a relationship.

Because it's not enough to have breasts and a vagina, they can't stop thinking, "Lesley was once a guy" even if that statement is factually false. I've never been male, but, I once had a penis and testicles and likely have done everything they've ever done.

My big problem is there's almost no solution to finding a man.
It's hard for cisfemales to find a man.
But I have to further deplete the pool of available single males to weed out the ones who would have a problem with my being transgender.

It's frustrating, that I can't even compete with fat ugly poorly dressed women. No, I'm not fat shaming, I'm just being blunt. I've seen fat NOT pretty women pushing babies in strollers. Here I am fairly attractive, and a virgin. I couldn't get knocked up even if GRS came with a womb and ovaries unless I used a sperm bank.

There's no shortage of gay men and lesbian women in the world. And even THOSE groups have large slices of their members who don't like me. If it's not the TERFS hating on me and calling me an attack on women's safety spaces and not real women, it's gay men saying my brothers are not real men if they have a vagina.

I'm part of the acronym, but, some days, I think the other part of the acronym doesn't want to include me in their sexual liberation campaign. I'm just a boring hetero. I'm not lesbian, or bi, or pan, or poly, or any of the odd permutations of what to fuck.

Hetero men don't want me, and all I want is just a boring hetero man.
I just want a boring standard issue male, nothing odd, interesting, or different.

I married a teddy bear out of desperation (sorry Frank, but you already know this).
I decided it is better to look weird, but feel like I had someone, anyone, even if a teddy bear, than to just go day to day with the reality of having no one at all.

I gave up on owning a house for the same basic reasons.
Yeah, on my joke of an income, I CAN actually buy a house. 50k or less.
They exist, usually in markets so wretched because of location and not a reflection of the value of the actual house. I have seen houses for 50k that would immediately leap to 250k if you dropped in Lindsay.
But, the reality is, I'd have to discard the rest of my current life to move to where it would be.
Windsor Ontario, lots of houses for peanuts. No doctor, no dentist, no church, no friends, no family. But I get a house I can sit in all alone. And a mortgage I'd be lucky to pay off before I die.

I decided the doctor/dentist/church/friends/family were a better deal.

But living here means the chances of stumbling over Mr. Lesley's husband is almost impossible.
Trump will make sense long before I find a guy able to realize I'm a real great find.

Hi, I'm the forum's resident brat
I find it important to point out I am indeed the first member here Smile
Lesley Niyori
Lesley Niyori

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Of all the problems of my transition... Empty Re: Of all the problems of my transition...

Post  Celia Eriksson Sun Jul 29, 2018 8:27 pm

Hi Lesley and Angel!

Ya look ok Lesley, you'd be surprised how many men would go dating with you. For me, being entire, it's not that much harder, there are plenty of guys that like women like me too. It's finding one that will stick around that is hard, and one that I would want to too.

And money can indeed make a very big difference. I'm saving a little gradually for a couple of things, one is personal, so I 'aint gonna say but the others are having a facelift and my apple shaved. I'm not poor, but far from uber-rich and at the moment I'm having two tattoos removed that I don't want anymore coz I'm getting on a bit and they don't look right. When they have finally disappeared I'll post pics of them from fresh to gone. It's a long progress and is not cheap, but they should be gone in a few months.

At my age, I know I have to keep up, to keep improving stuff, little by little, but more and more. I might have the facelift next, it's the only way to try to remain at least a little bit fuckable and have a chance.

If money were no object I'd have a dozen things done I'd like to improve!

Celia xx

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Take chances, make mistakes. That’s how you grow.
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Celia Eriksson
Celia Eriksson

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Of all the problems of my transition... Empty Re: Of all the problems of my transition...

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