Just a new thing with passwords.

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Just a new thing with passwords. Empty Just a new thing with passwords.

Post  Celia Eriksson on Wed Aug 01, 2018 9:51 pm

Hi Everyone!

If ever, God forbid, you lose your password or change computers and have forgotten it, I can now send you a code that will be unique to you, you can then change it in your profile page. Simply e-mail me at celiagunnhildaeriksson@gmail.com., I will ask you a security question to which only you and I will know the answer to and then there will be a period of time, not too long, but I'm not here 24/7 by a long chalk, before I respond. Just so you know, I have been tinkering with admin to make it more a secure site. Thanks everyone, Celia xx

Just a new thing with passwords. Mtm
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