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going full time in college what to expect!?

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going full time in college what to expect!? - Page 2 Empty Re: going full time in college what to expect!?

Post  Michi Tue Nov 19, 2019 1:14 am

emily19 wrote:im about to start school next weekend. its my sophomore year of college(i went to a community college first year and im starting at a university this year) and my first year living on my own. i started hormones 2 1/2 months ago and have been slowly getting out of my comfort zone and dressing outside. im planning on going full time when i start school because i chose a really lgbt supportive school. to cut to the point im afraid of what people will do. like will i be insulted or attacked cause im trans. my fear is purely related to my peers. im totally cool with the faculty/staff/administration and they've already done a lot to show their support(like help me get into an lgbt dorm and all my paper work has my preferred name on it(legal name is like none existent))

so the real question is what should i expect? like what happened when you were in college(if you were out)? i know not everyone's experience is the same. i just need like some motivation and something to get an idea of what might happen in the real world instead of what i expect to happen in my head.
Any updates on your first semester? College is where I started transitioning full-time, I had started with my new name before it was legally changed. I never had any issues besides stares. It was Milwaukee Area Technical College but sure has paid off for me. I was going to go for a bachelor's afterwards. I applied at Mount Mary, a Catholic women's college, interviewed and was accepted but I never ended up going. Definitely a big mistake, I took a few classes at UWM but I dropped out. Great grades in college, terrible in Primary School.


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