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One step at a time...

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One step at a time... Empty One step at a time...

Post  MichaelaSJ Wed Aug 15, 2018 7:41 am

Christine Hallquist Scores Historic Win In Vermont’s Democratic Gubernatorial Primary
Democrats made Hallquist the first openly transgender candidate for governor backed by a national party.
Christine Hallquist on Tuesday became the country’s first openly transgender candidate to win a major party’s nomination in a governor’s race.
Vermont Democrats made history by selecting Hallquist as their gubernatorial nominee in the party’s primary. She defeated three other candidates.
In November’s election, the former CEO faces off against Republican Gov. Phil Scott, who polls show has lost popularity among voters in recent months.
Hallquist joins a number of transgender men and women who have run for office recently, including the country’s first openly transgender state legislator, Virginia’s Danica Roem, who won her office last November.

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One step at a time... Empty Re: One step at a time...

Post  Guest Wed Aug 15, 2018 6:22 pm

Here in Ireland, our Prime Minister is gay. Lots of people don't like him but mostly because of his relatively conservative politics. Sure some are probably homophobic. I saw a joke in a magazine where he's asked by another politician was he out for long. The reply was 'No I've been a conservative for years'. Gay = non issue.

That needs to happen for trans people and indeed women. One of the problems with Hillary was not just that many people didn't like her politics but that many people including other women didn't like the idea of a female leader. They'd rather have the ape they elected. A male ape.


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