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Fingers crossed Florida.

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Fingers crossed Florida. Empty Fingers crossed Florida.

Post  Celia Eriksson Wed Oct 10, 2018 5:16 pm

Hi Everyone.

Here is hoping that Hurricane Michael does not devastate parts of Florida, it has already caused chaos in Central America. The weather around the world has gone crazy, In the last weeks or so Majorca, Indonesia and now yet another record breaker, the worst US hurricane for 100 years they say it could be. Messing with Mother Nature is proving disastrous and unless we all do stuff to lessen the impact it can only get worse. CO2 emissions and plastics in the sea need to be reduced drastically. God Bless Florida and I hope that nobody is harmed and damage is limited.

Celia xx

Fingers crossed Florida. Mtm  Fingers crossed Florida. Ancestralnewhomeandrespectednations-2         Fingers crossed Florida. IMG-0144-3                                                
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Celia Eriksson
Celia Eriksson

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Fingers crossed Florida. Empty Re: Fingers crossed Florida.

Post  MichaelaSJ Wed Oct 10, 2018 6:25 pm

Oh, my namesake - Michael.

It is useless to even talk about climate change in the U.S. with our current government denying it effects.

Much of Florida, especially along the Gulf Coast, lies at just above sea level, so the storm surge of 10 - 20 feet they are expecting today and tomorrow will simply reek havoc to the area of the Florida Panhandle .

This new storm, Michael, arose very quickly. It was a simple tropical depression last Friday growing to a Category 4 storm as I type this post. There will not be time to evacuate much of the population and since many are poor (sorry, cynicism is rampant), they will be left to fend for themselves - think Hurricane Katrina in 2004 that hit New Orleans. Beyond the storm damage that will leave thousands homeless, they are expecting power and other utilities to be out for up to a month.

The hurricanes that start in the Gulf of Mexico increase rapidly in size because of the trapped warm water. The Hurricane of 1900 (a Category 4, same a Michael) hit the Galveston/Houston area with absolutely no notice. This was before radio and weather reporting were in existence and over 8,000 lives were lost to the 145 mph winds and 8 - 12 foot storm surge.

Ironically, a major U.S. property insurance company is advertising on TV'there have been sixteen 500 year storms in the last 10 years'. The insurance industry is being forced into long term bankruptcy with climate change destroying much more properties than their business models forecast- they recognize the problem. Without property insurance, whole segments of our economies will fail.

Industry in general recognizes the issue of climate change but they refuse to band together looking for a solution which will help their long term survival in favor of their quarterly earnings.


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