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Another great weekend here

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Another great weekend here Empty Another great weekend here

Post  Lesley Niyori Mon Nov 12, 2018 2:19 am

Ok, so, D'arcy's close Facebook friend Sam (MTF) came to visit this weekend. She's a 4 hour drive in Kitchener Ontario.

Now that was awesome by itself. Sam's into Gundams so we relate as modelers.

Sam met my recent friend Nate (she's local and transgender male).

It looks like my poly girlfriend has lost her poly girlfriend to Nate Smile

Nate visited, and well, kinda really got interested in Sam hehe. So they is like kinda doing to exploring and seeing where it goes thing now.

Sam's hoping to visit us (me and D'arcy), a lot more in the future, and probably disappear to Nate's a lot at the end of the day hehe (well Nate has a better place to offer to sleep than my couch).

I have essentially cemented a recent friendship with Nate, and initiated a new friendship with Sam. And I kinda bonded in a fresh new way with my fiance this weekend too.

Oh and we danced at a few places, and lot of other TMI activities.

It only happens when you step out of your comfort zone, make the decision to not accept more of the same unacceptable life, and take the plunge, and make your life better.

Yes, I know, not all of us have the option to be out.
Well, damnit, sometimes that is just the voice of negativity too eh.
Sometimes, YOU need to tell that inner voice to fuck off.

I risked it all when I came public.
I had NO idea where it was going to go.
I didn't KNOW my family would accept me.
I was NOT aware my hometown was LGBT friendly.
I had to take the same risk we all do.

I don't want to even think where my life would be right now if I had done nothing.

I sure would not have experienced this weekend.

Hi, I'm the forum's resident brat
I find it important to point out I am indeed the first member here Smile
Lesley Niyori
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