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Moving on into 2019 (plans etc)

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Moving on into 2019 (plans etc) Empty Moving on into 2019 (plans etc)

Post  Lesley Niyori Sun Nov 18, 2018 4:10 pm

Yesterday, I managed to do something that has been waiting patiently a bit now. Relocated some furnishing to better help my fiance fit in with our place.

Initially, when I moved here I had a massive sum of very guy looking hobby stuff and books.
I turfed a lot of books and located a lot of my guy looking hobbies (mainly models of tanks eh) into my bedroom and started to feminize my place's 'stuff'.

But now that I am engaged, and as off the market as that gets Smile I'm not worried about who sees what in my place.

So I moved two dressers into the bedroom (where dressers routinely are to a point) and put all the bookcases of mostly models back in the living room (where bookcases frequently go.

It's been disruptive to the harmony of the place (I hate clutter and disruption).
But I've given D'arcy use of one of the dressers (it was full of wargames) and made it more like 'our' place and not just Lesley's place + D'arcy.

When she moved in, she sadly had nothing really beyond a lot of clothes and guitar stuff. She lived in a furnished room. Made it easy to move her in though. But I'm happy with how I have made my place into our place.

Now, our main plans are wedding related of course, but also saving for a car.
With a car, we can go places together, and as I mentioned the other day, she can also take her kids to nice destinations and feel more like a full parent (she hasn't had much in the way to offer for a while now and it weighs on her).

The kids live with the mother, and the mother lives in a family home owned by D'arcy's parents and they spoil the kids and it's all well-meaning until you realize, they don't give a shit about how it hurts D'arcy. They have shared custody, but 'shared' doesn't mean much under the current conditions.

It's going to be a strained Christmas, as it will be a first without the family dynamic of the last one since the separation. And I know how shitty that feels. But it will be a first Christmas for me and D'arcy, so I hope that helps a lot.

I have no specific plans needs for the winter.
I'm likely hoping to just sit and make a shit load of models to a point really, and avoid pointless spending of money. I don't really need any 'things'.
I mainly just want to spend time with D'arcy. I think we both need a great lot of that too. The last few years have been nonstop hard on both of us.

I'm hoping to sneak a bike into D'arcy's life in the spring so we can both bike a lot together as well. I'm glad now, that my bike is now just a toy and not a means to escape town. D'arcy has made Lindsay a fun place to live instead of the trap it had become for me.

Spring and into summer, well, the only big thing is planning our wedding predictably.
I'm looking forward to a very nice wedding.
I have many friends wishing to come.
Looking forward to dad giving away two brides Smile
Might have a honeymoon in England.
GRS was life-saving, but, getting married will be the reason for being alive for me.
Before I met D'arcy, I was stuck with feelings of "Ok I got the GRS, now what?" I had arrived at that moment in my life, where it looked like it had all been for little beyond GRS.
I'm sure hoping 2019 breaks the trend.
In 2014 I broke from the past, but 2015 was dreadfully horrible, 2016 almost killed me, 2017 was as much stress as a person can cope with and 2018, well it started off nice, but had some large bumps too until D'arcy arrived.
All I want from 2019 is the words, "I Do" and then a lot of peace and quiet Smile

Hi, I'm the forum's resident brat
I find it important to point out I am indeed the first member here Smile
Lesley Niyori
Lesley Niyori

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Moving on into 2019 (plans etc) Empty Re: Moving on into 2019 (plans etc)

Post  Celia Eriksson Sun Nov 18, 2018 9:50 pm

Hi Lesley.

I wish you both well Lesley and if you decide to have your Honeymoon here, I would be pleased to show you both around Brighton, a hub of fantastic nightlife, antique shops and daytime fun all by the seaside. I don't visit London as a rule, but Brighton is but a train ride away, about an hour and it's a lot cheaper than London! It's the LGBT capital of the UK and 2 - 4 August is LGBT weekend, Brighton Pride, the best event in Britain! + Great pubs, great food, great people! Fish'n'chips, the pier, transgender friendly gay clubs in Kemptown.... (haunts of my heydays), there's lots to do! Look it up!

Celia xx

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Celia Eriksson
Celia Eriksson

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Moving on into 2019 (plans etc) Empty Re: Moving on into 2019 (plans etc)

Post  Guest Mon Nov 19, 2018 12:01 am

Interesting because when I got married I did something similar. All the hobby stuff, the model airplanes and tanks went west, that's irony because I moved west. Plus all my girl's clothes. Not something you had to do. I gave up everything. I tried to keep the model stuff, my wife even bought me a model Panther. But it was useless.

At least you don't have to hide the girl stuff. I've tried to introduce  the model thing again but it's useless.

So I've nothing.

Realistically I know that model stuff was a distraction. I still buy them but like a dog who chases cars. I've no idea what to do if I catch one.

Recently me and the wife decided to refurbish the bedroom. New paint, new door, new bed clothes. A complete removal of any boy stuff. It's now a proper girly room after a lot of effort on my part. I painted it and did all the work.

But I sleep downstairs in the cluttered spare room. My wife never once suggested I might join her. Not once. Never addresses the issue. At this point I'm afraid to try and sleep in the same bed as her. I would have thought she might have mentioned the issue.

She's a nice person but lacks something.


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Moving on into 2019 (plans etc) Empty Re: Moving on into 2019 (plans etc)

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