Ken Burns, a priceless jewel

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Ken Burns, a priceless jewel Empty Ken Burns, a priceless jewel

Post  MichaelaSJ on Mon Nov 26, 2018 5:02 am

We, in the States are blessed with an individual, Ken Burns whose ability to bring history to the tiny screens in our living rooms to life with such an ease as to think his histories have been written just for the screen.

I writing this while I am watching a recap of his unbelievable 'CIVIL WAR' a nine part tour de force recollection of what happened during this horrendous period in our history.

Please visit to see the documentaries he has captured on film. From his list, I have watch with rapt attendion:

  • The Mayo Clinic (this organization is much more than just a place in Minnesota)
  • The Vietnam War (my war and it was hard to revisit)
  • Jackie Robinson (so much more than the first negro to play in the major leagues)
  • The War (a revisit of WW2)
  • Mark Twain (with all of his warts, what a man of letters)
  • Baseball (I think I saw a glimpse of my Father in image)

He and his production company have completed 31 documentaries from the Brooklyn Bridge in 1981 to the Mayo Clinic this year, with 3 more coming soon.

If death is ever conquered, I hope Ken Burns is on the list of those who will live forever.

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Ken Burns, a priceless jewel Empty Re: Ken Burns, a priceless jewel

Post  Lesley Niyori on Mon Nov 26, 2018 1:22 pm

I like his series The War, covering WW2. I've seen a few other series he has done as well.

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