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Facebook vs Focused Forums (like here)

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Facebook vs Focused Forums (like here) Empty Facebook vs Focused Forums (like here)

Post  Lesley Niyori Sat Dec 01, 2018 1:49 pm

Just musing today, nothing happening here beyond that, I'm just musing.

Facebook, it's a list of FRIENDS ie, people that already know me, have likely heard it all before (stuff about me), and are unlikely to be the target audience for most of my comments when I'm pissed off about something such as transgender issues.

Forums (such as here on The Transgender Times), where we are all essentially transgender persons (well that's the logical assumption) unless a rare ally or interested non-transgender person. I'm guessing that any commentary here is only going to be seen by persons here because the internet isn't really likely to be aware here is actually here, to begin with.

So how much is anything on Facebook or a focused forum worth if it is us essentially wanting to have it seen by someone that isn't present to read it?

It's the old preaching to the choir challenge.
You don't need to convince people who already believe/support of something.

Myself, I'm hoping to advocate (once I've located a proper platform).
Advocating from here or my Facebook page is kinda like preaching to the choir.

And there is also the problem of redundancy.
I wonder how many of our membership has moved on, simply because we have said it all and have nothing new to offer?
There's only so many ways to transition.
Our problems are all more or less the same.
You either come out and risk it all, or you don't come out, and you gain nothing other than continued discomfort.
There's only so much we can say about the challenges of MTF and FTM.
You are either covered for expenses, or you are not.
Being a 20 something is different than being a 50 something, but, only so different.
Some stuff is universal to all transgender persons.
Dating will suck.
Odds are your own opinion of your situation will be harsher than how others see it.
I've lost count of how many obviously gorgeous transgender women hate their looks.
I've lost count of how many gorgeous looking transgender men I've seen, that look better than most cisgender men I routinely see.

Perhaps a fundamental problem with transgender people is they are too convinced they are the person they think they are, and can't accept that they might be a lot better than they believe they can be.
I know it was a shock to me when I finally stopped being surprised at being mistaken as 15 years younger than I am. It took a while to see myself the way others were seeing me.

But I'm starting to want to get more in the face of the problems and problem peoples.
It's about time, society was MADE to consider me ordinary, and not worth the angst.
I'm transgender, get the fuck over it. It's not worth all the hassle.
Priests fucking little boys, THAT'S a genuine problem.
Christians and their obsessions are a problem. Labelling me an abomination because their poorly read book of biased misogynist bullshit is a problem. Especially when they break as many if not more rules from their bloody book than I do.
And their lies about me in the restrooms and change rooms out there is unacceptable slander.

If anything, I want to be out there, where THEY can see it and read it, and know, I'm tired of their crap.

I mean, commenting about it here in this post on this forum, is doing NOTHING for any of us here eh.

I've been seeing 'Reacting to' videos increasingly recently on YouTube. Young transgender persons spending their time and efforts bitching and whining about what some other transgender person said about their channel. Oh for crying out loud. Spend your energies bitching and whining about what your real haters say about you if you must bitch and whine.

I'm not interested in fame, I am not interested in financial gain.
I won't be begging for subscribers.
Frankly, if a person needs to be constantly reminded to use a subscriber button that any moron can clearly see is there, then they are likely too stupid to be of any use in the debate eh.

I just want to stop being a reason for hate.
I just want to be boring and ordinary and as interesting as a poll of left handed vs right handed people.

I want the world's real problems to be given the spotlight.

Hi, I'm the forum's resident brat
I find it important to point out I am indeed the first member here Smile
Lesley Niyori
Lesley Niyori

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Facebook vs Focused Forums (like here) Empty Re: Facebook vs Focused Forums (like here)

Post  Celia Eriksson Sat Dec 01, 2018 9:29 pm

Tis a well written post Lesley, thank you. I do not dabble with facebook at all, I simply do not have time. Your other points are very good and cut to the chase. Celia xx

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Take chances, make mistakes. That’s how you grow.
Mary Tyler Moore (1936-2017).
Celia Eriksson
Celia Eriksson

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Facebook vs Focused Forums (like here) Empty Re: Facebook vs Focused Forums (like here)

Post  Guest Mon Dec 03, 2018 12:36 am

The internet was a gift to me as someone who is by nature in person quite shy and non confrontational. But I knew I had something to say, something to contribute. So I embraced it enthusiastically. I joined several forums relevant to my interests. I was on Facebook, I even joined Twitter.

But I was wrong. Right now I contribute to two forums, this one barely and another to do with model kits, a former interest of mine. That's it. I left Facebook a while ago and never used Twitter. I do view YouTube and occasionally comment. But mostly I don't read the comments because of the crazies. Social media is poison. I also realised that anything I say good, bad or indifferent will always be lost in the tower of babel that is the internet. Worse it's the place where even an innocuous comment attracts derision and vitriol.

I also refuse to watch anything on TV, good or bad about transgender issues. I blank it. I don't read articles either positive or negative. The wilful ignorance of the negative stuff upsets me. The positive stuff upsets me too.

I too want to be normal, whatever that is. But I can't and neither can you and we can't make people think we are. I admire you for thinking you can usefully contribute by going online and trying to make things better. I wish you luck. But I've given up. To me it's a waste of time.

In any case lately I've stepped back from being trans and while I can't make it go away. I can suppress it to an extent. Just like I used to.

But good luck with your ideas. It's worthy and maybe you can do good. That is admirable.


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Facebook vs Focused Forums (like here) Empty Re: Facebook vs Focused Forums (like here)

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