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Imagine that it’s late 2019.

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Imagine that it’s late 2019.  Empty Imagine that it’s late 2019.

Post  MichaelaSJ Wed Dec 05, 2018 5:35 pm

This is meant for my U.S. sisters and brothers - it is fucking scary AND LEGAL.

The link is to an essay by a legal scholar about what a President, any president can do (and has done) if they simply declare an emergency. It is long so if you just want the part that is a punch to the gut, scroll to:

'Imagine that it’s late 2019.'

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Imagine that it’s late 2019.  Empty Re: Imagine that it’s late 2019.

Post  Guest Sat Dec 08, 2018 9:42 pm

It's a bit unlikely as it requires all of the grown ups around him to give up everything they ever believed about what it is to be American. Patriotism should trump nationalism.
However he is gradually forcing out people and replacing them with half qualified lackeys. Witness the new UN Ambassador. So maybe it's not so implausible.

Meanwhile the Mueller investigation continues and it's clear Flynn and Cohen have been helpful. If there's any substance to this his allies and supporters will melt away quickly. Also it's fairly clear Putin has something on him. How and when the wily Russian pulls the trigger is up to him but he'll want to maximise the damage to the USA.
My view is that Trump is a dead man walking.

Incidentally while it directly effects Americans any instability in the US effects everyone. People complain about American interference but when America stops, others move in and it eventually lands at America's door.


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Imagine that it’s late 2019.  Empty Re: Imagine that it’s late 2019.

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