Transitioning from dumb shit.

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Transitioning from dumb shit.

Post  Lesley Niyori on Wed Dec 12, 2018 3:39 pm

Today as I sat musing, I wrote these two thoughts on my Facebook. Thought I'd share them.
Wrote the second part first, but decided taken together, the second part sounded better as being first.
I'm not looking for discussion with this thread.
You can offer it if you wish.
But considering part one....

I'm giving notice to stupid shit.

Stupid shit is to society, what cancer is to my body.
If you ignore it, it will kill you.
Getting rid of it will likely hurt, but you get to survive.

There is no shortage of stupid shit out there.
The really bad stupid shit likely is being denied as being stupid shit.
Religion is probably the most dangerous of all stupid shit.
But make no mistake, science can create really harmful stupid shit too.

I will not tolerate stupid shit any more.
I'm doing whatever is needed to rid myself of my own stupid shit.
Anyone else's stupid shit will get the boot from me without mercy.
I don't care how precious your stupid shit might be to you.

I hope this post sounded funny, but make no mistake, there's nothing funny about stupid shit.

Life is like a party.
You don't have to stay, and you don't have to go.
If you don't like the party, you CAN leave.
But it's probably better to just find a better place to party.
How you actually party is probably going to decide how much you enjoy partying.
You don't have to be an idiot while partying.
And all of the dumb shit you do while partying, won't go away the next day.
You are not required to suffer imbeciles while you are at any specific party. But how you deal with them, will decide how you suffer from them tomorrow.
Staying at home and never partying is of course possible.
But your life might not be as fun as it might be.
You are not required to suffer party crashers.
If you are being forced to suffer party crashers, you need a better place to party.
If you won't deal with party crashers, don't expect anything to change.

I think I host a fun party.
Anyone making trouble at my party WILL be dealt with immediately and harshly.
My party, my rules.

This is all original material by the way.
If you enjoyed it, you may use it Smile

I came here after reading something just a handful of minutes ago.
I'm copy-pasting it below at the end of my post.
It has inspired me.
Maybe I don't need an over-paid psychologist to explain me to me.
Maybe what happened to me, is what it seems like happened to me.
Maybe I was forced to eliminate me for a large portion of life-span, due to something bad that happened to me, and all memory was lost in the process.
It's not like it isn't possible.
It kinda makes a certain amount of potential sense.
I don't know why I'm living this 'not-my-idea 6 years old experience beginning in 2012.
Perhaps I knew I was somehow different many years ago, and something bad happened to force me to bury me so deep that I lost me in the doing.
I have no idea if there is any basis to my speculation.

But, as you read the material I am including below, my ponderings will start maybe making sense.
Because I was born in 62, and the world sure wasn't like 2018.
Not that 2018 is perfect.
If you live in the USA and are transgender, it sure has been tricky/rough recently feeling safe.
And it's not like it couldn't get worse in Canada.
It's nicer in Canada than it is in the US. And no amount of prideful boasting is going to impress me. But remember, I did say it could change. We have the PC party in Canada, not much different than the Reps in the US. Life is change. And it's not always good. The US in 2015 likely couldn't see 2018 as being possible.

But in the spirit of the first of my post, and keeping in mind the article at the end of my post, and with the knowledge I have gained from watching a lot of Aron Ra's videos, I'm simply not accepting crap from anyone, anywhere at all for any reason whatsoever.

The world is only what you make it, so if it sucks, it might only suck, because you put that suckage in it. Sometimes the guilty party is us. You can't always blame someone else.
So I'm making sure the fault isn't mine.

Here's the article.

Cassie Brighter
Feb 4

Why This Sudden Trans-Kids Trend?
Where Are All These Trans Kids Coming From All Of A Sudden? I’ll Tell You.

Some people are skeptical of this "new trend" of kids coming out as trans & non-binary at an early age. Why are there suddenly so many?

I'll tell you why. Because they're less afraid of you people.

I suspected, at nine. I knew at eleven.
I fought against it at fifteen, sixteen.

By seventeen I knew I wouldn't change.

But I had also learned, because I had heard the word "Maricón" (Sissy) often enough, that I must hide, push down this female self - because nothing good came with that word.
Maricón was the most cutting insult.
Maricón meant my dignity was in jeopardy.
Maricón meant my social standing could be taken away. I could become a social pariah, an untouchable.
Maricón meant I'd be the butt of jokes, an object of ridicule, and in constant danger of sexual assault.
Maricón meant my father would be ashamed of me, would be disgusted by me. Might hurt me. Might disown me.
It meant I might lose my family and my home.
I KNEW all of this at eleven. Do you understand? As an eleven-year old child, I KNEW what was at stake.

Maricón meant my father would be ashamed of me, would be disgusted by me. Might hurt me. Might disown me. It meant I might lose my family and my home. I KNEW all of this at eleven. Do you understand? As an eleven-year old child, I KNEW what was at stake.
So, naturally, I hid it. I fought it. I denied it.
My fear cost me years and years of struggle, of internal agony, of shame and isolation.
It led me to rush into marriage at nineteen. It pushed me into seven years of self-inflicted celibacy in my mid-twenties, out of sheer terror of my own sexuality. It led me into joining a cult to FIX myself.

It took the death of my brother, in my early forties, to finally confront that this is who I am. To face that time was going by, and each ticking second we are closer to our own inevitable death. And that it would be a crying shame to leave this world without ever standing up and stepping once into the sun as my own self.

And even as a full adult, choosing not to hide has cost me in tangible, harsh ways.

At ANY POINT of my life, from the time I was NINE YEARS OLD, had you asked me, would I want to live as a boy, or a girl? I would've said GIRL.

But no one ever asked. And I knew better than to tell.

So, if you ask yourself, what is it with this trend, of kids coming out as trans & non-binary so young? I will tell you what it is.

They are less terrified of all of you than I was.

My brother, my sister and me — 1978
In this photograph there are two girls and one boy. If you see two boys and a girl, you're not looking closely enough.

If you’re a parent, please love your children enough to look closely.

Follow up
I was asked by a reader on my Facebook, “yes but can you tell from just looking at the picture?”

I don't think you can tell by looking at the picture. And even by asking, you might not be able to tell. Kids are GOOD at playing hide-n-seek.

But take the kid on a long walk, talk to the kid about life, ask them enough questions about other things and respectfully accept the answers. Build trust. Show love. Create comfort. And then gently, softly and with care, ask the question. And (and this is important!): a. Don't indicate you 'know' the answer, or are you expecting a particular answer. Make it open-ended, legitimately curious question. b. Make it known that any answer is acceptable. c. Make it damn clear that you are REALLY ASKING. That it's not one of those bullshit efforts by grownups to bond with a kid because they've read a thing on Psychology Today (or Medium LOL). Kids can smell bullshit a thousand miles away.

And even then you might get hide-n-seek. Kids are wicked-good at that game. So don’t kick yourself too hard if it takes a few conversations, or a few years to get it sorted out.

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Re: Transitioning from dumb shit.

Post  MichaelaSJ on Wed Dec 12, 2018 4:48 pm

A rose is a rose is a rose
  -Margaret Meade

A carrot is a carrot is a carrot.
  -Woody Allen

Life is life is life.

We can't change what is, we can only manage to confront it successfully.

If you don't want a man unhappy politically, don't give him two sides to a question to worry him; give him one. Better yet, give him none. Let him forget there is such a thing as war. If the Government is inefficient, top-heavy, and tax-mad, better it is all those than that people worry over it. Peace, Montag.
Fahrenheit 451

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Re: Transitioning from dumb shit.

Post  Lesley Niyori on Wed Dec 12, 2018 7:27 pm

Weeeeeeeeeeell, as I already stated, and I think I stated it rather clearly.......

Which is about the best rebuttal to all the recent post traffic since I posted it as well.

Some can understand, some can't.

And I don't give a damn about whichever a person happens to end up being.

Stupid is the person attempting to win an internet argument.

And as I'm not, I won't be making that attempt, today, or tomorrow.

Tonight is the monthly PFLAG meeting. Among the many aspects I like with those meetings, it's in person.

December is rapidly closing in on the start of 2019. In November and in December, I have accomplished one thing that is worthy of note. I've gone from being a single person desiring to have a group of transgender persons to meet and socialize with, to being a person who now has enough local transgender friends, that I don't need the 'group' per se. As I am regularly meeting with those friends, and I get to go out and socialize with them in sizable numbers. There's me, my transgender female fiance, my local transgender male friend Nate, and his new transgender female girlfriend Samantha, as well as a transgender non-binary buddy Puck, and my transgender male counsellor Alex, and my transgender female mentor and aunt Stacey.

A year ago it was rare for Lindsay to have 2 transgender persons in the same room.
Now, it's actually common for me to be partying with 4+ transgender persons who are close friends.

I am NOT so desperate that I required to force myself to associate with persons I have never met, and likely never will meet, if I knew in person, that I likely would lack a reason to meet them twice.

I have a few of my not yet met them before persons I know from the internet anticipating to meet me at my wedding. Very much looking forward to seeing you Celia. Might end up in England on my honeymoon, and would love to see your own home during that time too.

I have a dream of building myself one of those 'Tiny home' concepts, and then I and D'arcy likely will spend a lot of time going to see some of the other transgender friends I have chatted with, but not yet met. My transgender friend Liam in the Ohio area, and several who seem to all live in the Seattle area. D'arcy knows a great number of contacts too. Many of my transgender friends are just a casual car drive away. But I have never had a car before.

But I will certainly not mind being too much on the road to new places, and not on the internet doing the same old stupid shit too often.

Hi, I'm the forum's resident brat
I find it important to point out I am indeed the first member here Smile
Lesley Niyori
Lesley Niyori

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Re: Transitioning from dumb shit.

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