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Rules of Membership Empty Rules of Membership

Post  Celia Eriksson Wed Dec 26, 2018 2:42 pm

The following rules are present upon the registration for membership page and members have agreed to them by checking the box 'I agree to terms'. It is repeated here for easy access to those that may need reminding of the rules.

I have also decided it a good place to post the guidlines for those that may need to recover their password. This is simply because we do not want too many 'stickys' at the top of sections, masking members topics.

Ok, the boring bit first: But you are supposed to have read it. I'm assuming you already have...!
To fall in with the UK Data Protection Act and Similarly the EU Data Protection Act, by signing in or registering at aka The Transgender Times Forums you are opting in to the services of aka The Transgender Times, (hereafter named No personal data or information is necessary to partake in viewing the services of Any information given and electronically stored by members registrating with will be available to all other members of Information and data given in posts, signatures profiles will be available to all members and guests* (*excepting profiles), of  All members will be able to use information data given by members to private message and e-mail if allowed by members to all other members of Statistics and analytics will be collected and stored by for betterment of the boards and not used outside or passed to other organisations outside scope.  No significant decisions will be made from your data and information passed to Advertising upon is upheld purely for the upkeep of, no administrator, moderator or member benefits from the advertising upon apart from remaining a free to use website. Any data breach from aka the Transgender Times will be reported to the Information Commissioner's Office.

Well, I hope you read it again!!!!! Very Happy   
So, on to specifics.

It is advisable to write passwords down in a place only you can recover it from.

An important note to those that wish to join that are not fully out: It is advised that you form a new, memorable e-mail and password containing your intended username, certainly not one containing your untransitioned 'deadname'.

Password Recovery
Should a member forget their password there are two courses of action. You can set up a temporary 'fake' new account and let me know by PM. I'll send you a code for your old account to reset your forgotten password. Alternatively you can e-mail me at (deleted temporarily, no new memberships presently, see post in general discussion) for a new code to rest your password. Be warned, I am not a regular checker of mail (and this is not my regular e-mail address), about once a week.

Specific rules to membership of
Personal attacks, insults, calling members out, asking for photographs, proposing dates, sexual innuendo are unacceptable and warnings will be given for such behaviour, quickly followed by a ban, should the behaviour persist. There are very good reasons for these prohibitions including protecting vulnerable members from mental abuse, internet security for individuals from predators and the integrity of aka The Transgender Times. Strong disagreement in discussion is fine, even encouraged, but please do not resort to personal attacks in such debates.

Whilst it is fine to talk of your prescribed medications and effects, or ask questions about such, it is not acceptable to write of unrecognisable techniques and remedies outside recognised medical procedure. This should include advising other members of herbal and any other remedy that may harm. Or in cases where such a post or topic, where it could be perceived that others may be tempted to try such harmful remedies. It is fine to advise in a post against those that write of their own regimen, but if any post is deemed, by Moderators or Admin, to promote, intended or otherwise, very harmful techniques in the quest of feminisation or masculation, the post will be removed.

Please enjoy the boards and uphold's integrity as a safe haven for transgender women and men, by showing respect to all other members.

Do not try to reply, this 'sticky' is locked. Celia xx

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