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My opinion on the series Transparent

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My opinion on the series Transparent Empty My opinion on the series Transparent

Post  Lesley Niyori Fri Jan 11, 2019 6:34 pm

I'm not going to link to the show, and I'll tell you why.

Ok, the actor playing the transgender female part is not transgender, and has since proved to be a lousy excuse of a person too.

The show gained a number of awards, none of them appear to have been earned, and you got that from a transgender woman who is also a transgender parent. So I think my opinion matters.

The show survived to 4 seasons I think, not sure about 5. The show appears to have died thanks to off screen actions of the actor playing the part.

I've watched the show. So I'm not just slagging it.
I was disgusted with the over the top emphasis on sex.
It seems like it should have been listed as "The dysfunctional sex habits of a Jewish family one who is portrayed as a transgender woman"

The eps manage to contain at least 15 minutes of content relevant to the point of the show. The other 45 minutes are just worthless drivel and obsessed with sex.

Please don't waste your time indulging this show.

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