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Preaching to the choir

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Preaching to the choir Empty Preaching to the choir

Post  Lesley Niyori Fri May 24, 2019 1:02 am

I might have discussed this before here, unsure.

Anyway, as you know, I'm an atheist.

And I socialize with Christians at Christian churches (that openly affirm).

And you might wonder "Why?"

It's simple really. You can't convince people of anything if they are already convinced. You need to target the people who don't know.

In this instance though, I'm not trying to convert the religious to atheism (and never will likely try either). It's about them mingling with people who are transgender. I'm not really waving the LGBT flag. Frankly, the LGB mob can do their own campaigning Smile I promote the T flag. If I'm carrying a flag during Pride events, it's the transgender flag.

D'arcy and I go to church to be among decent Christians who just need to see more moments with transgender people to see that we are just ordinary people (and some of us are religious occasionally).

My point here with this post.
How often do you go out into society with deliberate intent to be in the face of the uninformed, undereducated? Yes, if you are not 'out' the answer is you don't of course.
But, I am definitely out, as is D'arcy and numerous transgender friends that are local to me.
It's nice to meet in safe spaces and chat amongst ourselves. But, you get more done being out in public being decent examples.

"Decent Examples" is the trick though.
I DO have some transgender friends, who are either green and new to the whole process and experience, or they are in some cases, just not doing us any great favour being less than a stellar example Smile

Wear clothing that makes it clear, you are not a parody please (is my request). Wear your make up the way your mother would prefer you to do so as her daughter. Leave the drag scene to the drag queens. I'm not saying I don't like drag queens. But a guy doing drag is just a guy doing drag, while a transgender woman doing drag, is just going to confuse the boring cisnormals.

When I am out in public, my aim is to look like a cisfemale woman.

Hi, I'm the forum's resident brat
I find it important to point out I am indeed the first member here Smile
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