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My soul salved

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My soul salved Empty My soul salved

Post  MichaelaSJ Wed Jun 05, 2019 8:49 pm

I am watching a movie called "7 Days in Entebbe' about the hostage-taking and freeing of the hostages by the Israeli army from the Entebbe, Uganda airport in 1976

All of a sudden the scene changes to a group of young Israelis, members of the Israeli national dance troupe Batsheva and they are doing this wonderful dance which is interpreted by the  'Echad Mi Yodea'. So, I look up what this dance is and I find this:

Echad Mi Yodea is a traditional cumulative song sung on Passover and found in the haggadah. It enumerates common Jewish motifs and teachings. It is meant to be fun and humorous, while still imparting important lessons to the children present.

As I have stated before I have no need for religion, but I did a heritage search on my surname and found the first mention is of an Eleazer bin Perata from the second century CE Genoa City State. Hmmm, that is where much of my Italian heritage comes from and maybe it is a tiny bit of why I have always have had Jews, but not their god and Jewish heritage in my soul.

But, I digress. This dance which I have included in the link will raise your soul, at least for the moment. It is 7:29 minutes long and you should listen/watch all of it. Turn the sound on.

You don't have to understand the Hebrew roots of the song, the dance will let you know.

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My soul salved Empty Re: My soul salved

Post  Celia Eriksson Thu Jun 06, 2019 11:44 am

Oh sorry Miki, just the sort of arty farty stuff I detest.... but 7 Days In Ettebbe was a fantastic film that I rewatched about two years ago and found myself wanting to watch it again not long after.

The crack Israeli troops did an absolutely amazing raid and hostage rescue that stunned the world..... breathtaking to think of, to this day.

Celia xx

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