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Post  Celia Eriksson Fri Nov 08, 2019 2:30 am

Hi Everyone!!!

It's way past two here in the earlybirdy morning!!! I played my whist drive tonight, oh last night now.... and I am not sleepy peepicals yet, it's a hangover of doing nights.

Simply to pass on a tip for bare and nude nails. I had some nails that when I use gloss or leave bare had a too opaque look at the tips. Well, I found a tip for that, it works wonders...… please do not poohsical my advice, it works!

Take a good hard nail brush and put a quality whitening toothpaste upon your nails. I do this one at a time and brush, two minutes at least per nail! Then cover your nail with the paste so it covers both the inside and outside for at least fifteen minutes, I give them a good smothering, so no part is uncovered. Go to your sink and brush off the hardened toothpaste, there will be no opaqueness left! Then you can gloss nude. It also is good for French tips as it really buffers up the whole nail, really superbical!

Celia xx

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