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My college experience

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My college experience Empty My college experience

Post  Michi Tue Nov 19, 2019 1:32 am

I didn't see my post in Emily's College post. Did she get banned is that why? Since I typed it out I'll just post it.

Any updates on your first semester? College is where I started transitioning full-time, I had started with my new name before it was legally changed. I never had any issues besides stares. It was Milwaukee Area Technical College but sure has paid off for me. I was going to go for a bachelor's afterwards. I applied at Mount Mary, a Catholic women's college, interviewed and was accepted but I never ended up going. I had changed my name on my high school transcripts. Definitely a big mistake, I took a few classes at UWM but I dropped out. Great grades in college, terrible in Primary School only getting one a and there was some computer science in 9th grade in 1981. I remember talking to my guidance counselor how about how I would just work at the grocery store full-time and he thought that was a great idea. Looking back he was a pretty crappy guidance counselor. Although I did work at the grocery store for over 20 years which included 10 years full time till I step down to finish college and stayed on till they went out of business. I'm taking my early pension next September which should be about four hundred bucks a month for life or most likely until it runs out in 20 years or so when is being in critical status.


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My college experience Empty Re: My college experience

Post  Celia Eriksson Tue Nov 19, 2019 12:45 pm

Hi Michi,

Emily is welcome, anytime. Your post is there in, all it's glory, at the top of a new page, page 2 of her thread.... That's a coincidence, I'll be drawing two pensions in September, when I reach 60 (ARGHHHHH!!!!), as well!

Celia xx

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