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Bloody Vampires

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Bloody Vampires Empty Bloody Vampires

Post  MyNicky Sun Oct 18, 2020 2:17 am
Blood tests are my least favourite part of being on HRT, but my latest visit to the vampires has left me feeling sorry for myself thanks to a collapsed vein 😨

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Bloody Vampires Empty Re: Bloody Vampires

Post  MichaelaSJ Sun Oct 18, 2020 5:42 am

At 74 and with a lot of weight loss I have a condition known as 'rolling veins'. I cannot count the times a nurse/phlebotomist has had to poke me to find a vein. It really burns when they go through the vein.

Nothing like having your blood taken 3 - 4 times a day.

Missing veins started early. When I was in the Navy (1965) I had a medical technician miss the very obvious vein in my elbow 6 times. He saw my clenched fist on my other arm and decided to take a little more care and found the vein the next stick.

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