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Halloween decorations?

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Halloween decorations? Empty Halloween decorations?

Post  Michi Sun Oct 25, 2020 2:14 pm

Does anyone decorate for Halloween? I have a string of pumpkin lights and a string of skull lights along the front porch, put a bright orange light in for the porch light, a witch that is hanging and four monster posters for the four front windows. (Dracula, the Mummy, Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein.) Although I am having trouble getting the posters to stay up. I tried thumbtacking to the same size cardboard but they don't hold (after ordering different tacks) to the cardboard, doublestick tape won't hold it either. I'm going to Walmart to buy four cheap picture frames today, about my only option I guess.

Typically it's been my favorite time of year. My friend and I had made plans last year not to miss the celebrations since we missed it last year, nothing was doing on Halloween night since the celebrations were the weekend earlier. The year before we were at a hotel in NYC who had small Halloween party and probably was the best I've had. I'm in Wisconsin and there is a major Covid outbreak now, especially in Milwaukee.


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Halloween decorations? Empty Re: Halloween decorations?

Post  Guest Wed Oct 28, 2020 10:36 pm

Yes we do. But we live in Ireland where Halloween came from. We didn't use pumpkins but turnips. We would dress up as ghosts and fiends and visit all the houses locally. We'd say 'Help the Halloween party'. Not 'Trick or treat', although ironically that's closer to the tradition.

You see Halloween is the night when the souls of the dead would arise and expect to be appeased. So you must leave gifts for them. More, you would light bonfires to scare them away. A tradition which continues, albeit now illegal without a permit. That and fireworks. Not that it stops anyone.

I remember the Police baton charging a gang at an illegal bonfire. Very entertaining. Lots of head bashing.

In my time we would dress up and visit houses collecting 'monkey nuts' and fruit. Sweets were a rarity.

But as ever the Americans took something and made it better. The Irish took Halloween to America and the Americans introduced pumpkins and movies and exported it to the world. Including Ireland and Britain. I remember my English brother in law complaining that Halloween was a stupid American idea. I explained that it was a stupid Irish idea.

So we now celebrate the American version of Halloween. So does much of the world.

The same for St Patrick's Day. First celebrated as a parade by the British army in New York. Now a global phenomenon.

So yes the skulls and ghouls appear everywhere. That and the scary pumpkins. The turnips are for dinner.

I love America, mostly. not least because they sexed up our traditions and made them global.

Yes we do decorate in the American style. With a bit of our own tradition.


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Halloween decorations? Empty Re: Halloween decorations?

Post  Celia Eriksson Wed Oct 28, 2020 11:27 pm

Hi Everyone!!!

Yes Marie, All Hallows' Eve, Hallowmas, Hallowtide or Halloween is a Celtic festival. But twas derived from a Roman 'festival of the dead' called Pamlova or something similar. I know, because I looked it up a while ago. It probably was celebrated by Britons too, so it is very old. Perhaps that is why it never really featured much in the Anglo-Saxon psyche of nations until recent times, excluding the USA of course, which had lots of Celtic influence, second only to English and strangely, in it's constitution and again populace, plenty of Roman.

It has grown in England over the last fifty years or so, for when I was young All Hallows' Eve or Hallowmas was a mere, obscure ecclesiastical date that we knew of because Americans did crazy things upon the date.

It is worth noting that the Christian calendar pinched celebratory dates from Pagan, Roman, Celtic, Norse and Anglo-Saxon celebrations....  probably because if they did not, the boot would not of fell so softly upon the intended subjugated.

Now we are right there with the Americans, though it is here, entirely a celebration for Children and teens, mature adults here don't do much at all.

It is nice to have celebrations as we enter Winter, of course, they will never promote, or give us Thanksgiving, it's not in the supermarket/global UK industries interest.... they'd have to give us another, (well not me anymore), day off. The Americanisation of promoting Halloween in England was a no-brainer for them. Lots to sell, big day, no holiday.

....for we are so spoilt with a mere 6 Holidays, as most companies do not these days consider Christmas Day or Good Friday as paid Holidays anymore! Nice. I would not have worked for any company that did that, it was always 8 and that is fewer than most nations.

November 5th perhaps has a bigger bang here!!! Just about.

Celia xx

P.S. I had to spell check eclessiasticacal! I know you all know I can't spell those kinda long words.....

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Halloween decorations? Empty Re: Halloween decorations?

Post  Guest Sat Oct 31, 2020 12:36 am

Yes the English Halloween is very much an American version but indeed Halloween has spread throughout the world from the US. But it was Celtic, Irish and British thing. Not so bad.

As for the 5th of November that's very English and Protestant as I explained. Perhaps an example of intolerance and the conflict between religions. Neither of which had the moral high ground.

Halloween is at least pagan.


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Halloween decorations? Empty Re: Halloween decorations?

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