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As of today: Done!

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As of today: Done! Empty As of today: Done!

Post  Hypatia1 Sat Nov 21, 2020 6:50 am

Well, almost.  Except for remaining electrolysis, as of today I'm done.  
So what I've done to date:
2013 - Electrolysis started (ongoing)
2014 - Start HRT, rhinoplasty, 1st round of hair grafts
2016 - GRS, BA
2017 - lipo/fat transfer
2018 - FFS
2019 - Hip implants (unacceptable results.  I'm pursuing legal recourse)
2020 - Voice, trachea shave, 2nd round of hair grafts (today!).

Like I said, I still have facial clearing to do.  But besides that, I'm done.  Nothing else on the books.  Feels damn good to be done.  

I'm even more proud that I covered virtually all this by myself.  The VA is covering my HRT (minus my co-pay), but I paid for everything myself.  I lost track of how much it's all cost me but I'm danger close to $100k over the last 6+ years.  It's stunning to me I was able to do all this.  Just goes to show what you can do when you put your mind to it.


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As of today: Done! Empty Re: As of today: Done!

Post  Celia Eriksson Sat Nov 21, 2020 11:55 pm

Hi Hypatia!

Wow, that is a nice list Hypatia!

There is a couple there that I would like to have. I am on the list for rhinoplasty and once times get back to normal I am 24th in line with my placcy surgeon to have it done. As I say, trachea was one I may consider going forward, but I don't want to be forever chasing my tail at my age, though hip implants..... there I go, see what I mean!!!!!

So for those who wonder about a couple of Hypatia's abbreviations, she has had FFS facial feminisation surgery, one I may be able to not have, GRS is the British SRS one I have never wanted, (I've explained that enough times). BA, obviously is breast augmentation. I can add to my done list porcelain cap dentistry and tattoo removal, when I was eighteen I was stupid enough to have two tattoos upon my arms....

It can be never ending, as I said about chasing tails, so I admire you Hypatia, for finally deciding that will be that, excepting the never ending depilation, all women battle against.

Celia xx

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