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corset + hrt

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Post  3den on Mon Nov 30, 2020 11:13 pm

So.... I'm not really transitioning. I am considering some steps towards though. I have as it is a slim feminine body, but what I want is:
a. to be a bit more feminine
b. regain my lost hair on my haid Razz

my questions are:
1.will hrt help with the latter? I'm on pills and other treatments for almost a year as it is with little effectivness (my state isn't too late I think)
2. will a corset give me a feminine body? will it be completely permanent? I would love to hear any experience with this and recommendations maybe.

I've added two images - one is obviously photoshopped, and what I wish a corset would do.

With love

corset + hrt  Img_2010
corset + hrt  Img_2011


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corset + hrt  Empty Re: corset + hrt

Post  MichaelaSJ on Tue Dec 01, 2020 6:10 pm

First of all - welcome to our little place of respite.

Yes, a corset will help as belly fat is the most difficult fat to get rid of sans liposuction.

if you live around San Francisco, you might want to try They are very trans friendly.

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Post  Celia Eriksson on Fri Dec 04, 2020 6:19 pm

Hi 3den,

Welcome to the boards. I have a couple but can nver get them tight enough to make a real difference, so I use a waist trainer that is elasticated. It is not that comfortable at first, but I do get used to wearing it. Interestingly it has a couple of pouches at the back for foam inserts, should one want to make one's bum look like KK!!!

Here are some benefits of wearing a corset that I uplifted from a site that sells the steel ribbed ones....

Corsets Shape Your Abdomen into An Hourglass Figure
The most well-known benefit of corsets is that they are the only garment that can shape your waist into an hourglass figure. However, be aware that in order to reach this goal, your corset must have steel bones. These bones work similar to braces for teeth by working with your body to achieve the much-desired hourglass shape. Every corset in our collection is fitted with spiral and flat steel bones.  To learn more about waist-training and how it works, check out our FAQs.

Corsets Reduce Your Waist Size
Waist-training will reduce your natural waist size, and although results will vary with the individual, the “rule of two” is a good starting point for beginners. This states that wearing your corset for two hours a day for two weeks will lead to a waist reduction of up to two inches. With all the delicious holiday food around this time of year, we can all benefit from that!

Corsets Help Correct Bad Posture
Bad posture starts out as a bad habit, but can lead to back pain, migraines, stomach cramps, and more. These days, more people than ever suffer from bad posture due to time spent sitting at a computer or hunched over their phone. Wearing a corset will make you stand and sit up straight without even thinking about it. Over time, your body will become accustomed to the correct position.

Corsets Can Help Avoid Back Injuries
Contrary to popular belief, corsets are not uncomfortable, but they do limit your mobility. For those of us who often fall prey to common back injuries, such as forgetting to bend at the waist or lifting with our back instead of our knees, this can be a huge plus. When wearing a corset, your midsection is restricted, which prevents all sorts of moves that cause injury.

Corsets Strengthen Core & Back Muscles
When you first start wearing a corset, you may notice that your back and core muscles are a bit sore. This is to be expected, as your body is getting used to sitting and standing in a new (and more correct) position. As these muscles strengthen over time, you should notice an increase in strength and posture.

Corsets Help With Back Pain
One of the most common forms of back pain occurs in the lumbar region of the lower back. Corsets help to correct this by providing lumbar support. While there are many products on the market designed to support the lower back, none are quite as effective as a corset.

And here are some of the myths of cons..... but personally, I would not overtighten any corset, even if I could, remember all this has been written by corset vendors....., just be sensible, even they say do not exercise wearing one, so that would most likely include any over exertion!.

Myth 1: Corsets Damage Your Organs
One of the most common myths about corsets is that they can damage internal organs.  In reality, corsets do compress your organs – but so does bending, leaning, sitting, and, of course, pregnancy! Women’s organs in particular are equipped to shift around, but that said, any shifting that takes place while wearing a corset is minor.

Because of this compression, you may find your appetite to be a bit suppressed while wearing a corset. Carbonated beverages, like beer and soda, cause bloat, which can be uncomfortable while laced up. For this reason, many avoid these beverages while wearing a corset.

Myth 2: Corsets Limit Your Breathing
If you feel short of breath or lightheaded while wearing a corset, take it off immediately. Chances are, the laces have been cinched too tight. Leave it off until you feel back to normal, then use a mirror or the help of a friend to position and lace your corset in a comfortable position. If you’re unsure about how to lace up a corset, check out our step-by-step guide.

A question that often comes along with this is if it’s okay to exercise in a corset. Click here to find the many reasons we advise against this.

Myth 3: Corsets Reshape Your Lungs
Contrary to popular belief, a corset does not reshape your lungs. Instead, the steel bones of a corset work with your body to shape the fleshy bit of your abdomen, correct bad posture, and train your waist into an hourglass shape.

Many people believe that Victorian women were prone to fainting because corsets had shaped their lungs into a cylinder, but that’s simply not true. As the History channel explains, there is no evidence to suggest that ladies of the Victorian age laced themselves any tighter than we do today.

Myth 4: Corsets Weaken Your Muscles
Another frequent misconception is that as the wearer gets used to the support of a corset, their back muscles weaken. In reality, the opposite is true! A corset actually strengthens back muscles by forcing you to stand (or sit) up-right with good posture. Because your body may not be used to this position, it’s not uncommon to feel some soreness akin to a good gym workout when your first begin corseting. This simply means that muscles you haven’t used before are getting stronger.

If you are feeling particular strain on your back muscles, it may be a good idea to work some simple yoga stretches into your daily routine. You should also limit your wear time, slowly working your way to longer sessions. This will give your body time to adjust to the changes.

Myth 5: Corsets Cause Skin Infections
Some say that a tight corset creates an environment that is prone to skin infections. That should not be the case if you are following good hygiene and wearing a corset liner. You should also be sure to clean your corset often. If you have questions about how to hand-wash your corset, see: How to Wash a Corset: A Guide to Cleaning Your Corset.

I hope that helps!!!!

Celia xx

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Post  Michi on Wed Dec 16, 2020 4:17 am

Welcome. I've bought a couple of corsets at the Bristol Ren Faire, they definitely aren't cheap. I've only worn them there. I think I saw it could be permanent but after years. Maybe I'll be able to let you know, I'm going to apply at the Ren Faire in 2021 Smile


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