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Surgery: Know what you want!

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Surgery: Know what you want! Empty Surgery: Know what you want!

Post  Hypatia1 Sun Dec 06, 2020 6:26 am

Since I'm done with the surgical part of transition now I thought I would share some of my experience, and proffer some advice from what I have learned.

First and foremost, have realistic expectations.  As an example, FFS can only work with what you have.  Understand that going in.  If you have a face like Danny DeVito, there's no amount of work that will make you look like Cindy Crawford.

Second, and I cannot emphasize this enough, be very clear with your surgeon about what you expect and what he/she can deliver.   Even up to and on the date of such surgery. I would actually recommend showing up on the date of surgery with a checklist that you have already agreed upon and confirm the day of as to what's being done and what outcome you expect.  This comes from my experience with a surgeon who's name most of you would recognize.  I saw this surgeon a couple years ago for FFS.  At the time of the consult he told me he would give me some arch to my eyebrows to feminize my brow.  I accepted that was a done deal.  Several weeks later I had the surgery.  By the time I was done healing, no arch.  I consulted with him again and went through a revision earlier this year, at an additional $1500 expense.  Even with the revision and additional expense, the results are less than what I had hoped for.  This could have been avoided by making sure at my pre op appointment, both he and I were on the same page with my expectations, and with what he could deliver.

Similarly with GRS/GCS, make sure you know what you want, what you expect and what the surgeon can deliver.  Down to every detail.  Be specific. I'd rather not get into details but I'm not completely thrilled with my results.  It's not that anything looks bad or unnatural, but I'm an adult woman, and my stuff looks, shall we say, "petite".

Finally, thoroughly check out the surgeon(s) you're considering.  I had an augmentation procedure a couple years ago and the results were actually really bad.  Literally something like you would see on one of those TV shows.  I am not going to go into details because this may end up going to court for a resolution.   Just be careful.  Price isn't always the deciding factor.  Paying to have someone else fix a shit surgeon's work is far more expensive in the long run.

Do not be afraid to discuss this stuff with your surgeon.  These are important details that you will either have to live with, or endure more surgery, expense and healing to correct.  The problem for us is that we're such a relatively small community our options are limited and you really have to do your research to know what you're getting.


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