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Today's Roll Call

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Post  MichaelaSJ Mon Feb 15, 2021 2:53 am

Liz, I know that the chance to get COVID should be on everyone's mind, but not putting off something that might end up being dangerous should be weighed against the chance of getting the COVID.

A year ago, April, I a recurrence of a blocked bowel. I had to go to the ED in the hospital that had the first hospital COVID death in the U.S. (Good Samaritan, San Jose, CA) I went through the surgery (again, bummer) and the hospital staff had done everything they could to keep the COVID patients segregated from the general patient population.

I had to revisit the ED at this hospital again last October due to a severe reaction to a muscle relaxant drug and I felt safe with the care I was getting.

If your stone(s) blocks your urethra to the point that the pain is intolerable - please go to the ED to get help.

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