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A Cocktail of Hormones

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A Cocktail of Hormones Empty A Cocktail of Hormones

Post  MyNicky Wed Feb 03, 2021 9:38 pm

I'm now on HRT 7.5 months and my doctor has now introduced a third prescription into my regime.
On top of the antiandrogen and estradiol pills I now have patches to wear full time too. Which I am self conscious about despite being completely out of sight.
This I have to say about wearing patches:
You'll never realise just how much your skin folds and stretches until you do. You try to find a spot away from skin creases and folds but it'll make no difference. My skin pulls and bunches around the patch whenever I move making the whole area around it super itchy. Incidentally though the patch itself isn't causing irritation. I think it's just a new sensation that I'll eventually get used to.
My hormone levels haven't been behaving themselves which is frustrating. My T levels have dropped right off, but so has the E.

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