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Moving Friday maybe offkine....

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Moving Friday maybe offkine.... Empty Moving Friday maybe offkine....

Post  Celia Eriksson Wed Mar 17, 2021 3:30 pm

Hi Everyone,

I am moving on Friday, (I'm as frit as a cat in a room full of old men sitting on rocking chairs!!!!!), and I have yet to sort the new internet, so I may be offline for a while. So worry not!!!! I do have my moble, but I'm not very good with tech!!!! Honestly!!!! What an admin you may ask..... well, I know my way around this site, so I will try and give the mobile thingy a go. See you soon if I can, see you later if I can't.......

Celia xx

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Celia Eriksson
Celia Eriksson

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Moving Friday maybe offkine.... Empty Re: Moving Friday maybe offkine....

Post  MichaelaSJ Wed Mar 17, 2021 7:20 pm

Ah, the act of moving a household. Something that I have done at least 20 times in my life, and I hopefully will never do again.

Enjoy the experience, Celia, enjoy.

"Disobedience in the eyes of any one who has read history is man's original virtue. "—Oscar Wilde.
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Moving Friday maybe offkine.... Empty Re: Moving Friday maybe offkine....

Post  Lesley Niyori Thu Mar 18, 2021 2:32 pm

I have the same worries (regarding moving).

I have never known anywhere else. I like my little place here. Unusually inexpensive. Ideal size. Remote (I'm in a 3rd-floor attic). No one above, no one on sides, and the guy below, I often wonder if he ever lives there. My entrance is isolated. I have a nice balcony that is sort of out of view of the street. I am comfortable here.

But the love of my life hates the town (we have both lived in this town for decades).
If I could manage it, find someplace not Lindsay, I'd like the fresh start maybe.
But she wants to be closer to her kids.
She refuses to even ponder being away from me longer than a few days.
So she forces herself to like it here in town.

But I actually WOULD like to escape the town.

But the weather here is stable. Climate etc, this is a safe town.
It's ideal for someone my age.
And like it or not, regardless of how old I feel mentally, the body is convincingly 60.

I am NOT going through the trauma of moving, just so I can be in another town, with much higher rent and likely not as nice a location, all so I can be an unknown person.
I'm old enough, and disabled enough, that the only way I'm moving, is if a professional does all the carrying. All of it.
It takes me about 3 years to overcome the stresses of a move. Well, it took him that long. I've as I said, never lived anywhere else.

I'd move if it was to a SMALLER community if I could. There are places a bit north of here, I'd like.
But D'arcy hates trees Smile I have zero desire to live in a city. I almost call here a city. I require a grocery store and an acceptable postal service. Eventually, isolated rural is a perk. I won't need to worry about facial hair, if there is no one to shave for Smile

Hi, I'm the forum's resident brat
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Lesley Niyori
Lesley Niyori

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Moving Friday maybe offkine.... Empty Re: Moving Friday maybe offkine....

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