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A tip for larger girls.

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A tip for larger girls. Empty A tip for larger girls.

Post  tiffany_elizabeth Tue Jun 01, 2021 10:59 am

I've always had trouble with anything that comes up past the pelvis. I'd buy a pack of panties where, on the model on the package, they came up over the abdomen. Then when I'd put them on the top would roll down just as soon as I bent over to put on my socks.

Control top pantyhose would shout "I give up!" as the control top would roll right down to my pubic bone.

Leggings, if I could ever find a pair that fit, would do the same. I hate having clothing riding that low. It always feels like they're falling down in the back so I'll go to pull them up only to find that they're as high as they're going.

One day back in February I was in Walmart. I saw the maternity section, which for some reason made me think of a joke from Everybody Loves Raymond where Marie admitted that she had secretly been getting Frank maternity jeans because they were all that fit.

After an internal chuckle I figured why not? I started browsing through, found some maternity leggings, and started pondering them. I remembered when my 6th grade teacher let me feel her belly while she was pregnant and it was pretty hard. I figured since I was pretty soft in the middle it would be more of the same. Just rolling down as soon as I sat down or bent over.

But I tried them, and it worked. In fact, it worked so well that I got some maternity panties. They stay up, too. They were the first ones to stay up in the 20 years since I've been buying panties.

So as odd as it sounds, maternity clothing is actually a surprisingly good choice for undergarments (and leggings, though as they're always under dresses and skirts I consider them undergarments). Avoid the blouses, though. I figured I'd see if that extended to other maternity wear, but the elastic band on the blouse I got that's supposed to enhance the girls rides down too far if I smooth it out. If I leave it where it's supposed to go everything just bunches up.


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