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Post  Celia Eriksson Wed Jun 02, 2021 2:13 pm

Hi Everyone!!!!

It was nice to read a tip given by Tiffany, let's share our hacks and tips..... it would be nice to have a pool of resource for everyone! Here is a little one....

Well, I never ever, no, no, no, never... thought I would bother with such a thing as clear mascara! But, as I don't go heavy on make up and reading about it, I thought I should try it and see the effect. I was pleasantly surprised. It sets curled lashes fine without looking like a strawberry blond panda! Gloop black tragicals gone!

It does volumise and holds fast all day. I have also found that it works for priming and setting coloured mascara also. It can be used on brows too, if you stroke across the brow after brow powder, I guess it will work with pencil too It sets the brow for the day.

And I have read that some women mix clear mascara with powder to have the perfect colour that suits you lashes/brow best. it's something you should consider having as another essential in your cuteness armoury!

Celia xx

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