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Another 2nd job and saving

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Another 2nd job and saving Empty Another 2nd job and saving

Post  Michi Sun Jun 13, 2021 3:28 pm

I had posted earlier I had quit my 2nd job in a restaurant in August since no one wore a mask. A couple of weeks afterward they had an outbreak with some employees getting sick. In March I got another 2nd job in a bridal shop which I have really grown to like. Pays the same as the other 2nd job, not much, but masks are required. Even now. I've always liked to work a lot. I've never been without a job since high school.

I'm better with money now investing for the future then I used to be. I do have an old fashioned pension I took early last year at 55. I had worked in a grocery starting in high school and staying until the Union chain closed. Too much competition in the grocery business. It was created by Herb Kohl, the future senator, changed hands and ended an A&P.

The pension is supposed to be insolvent in 25 years so it was a no brainer taking it now at 25% less. Anyone reading that is elidgable to have a retirement fund should really get one. Even if you are not making much and have debt, just 10% into a fund will save you taxes and you really don't notice it and will give you security when you are holder. I started one with the bridal shop too.

I'm not sure if that is true money doesn't buy happiness but poverty or even lack of funds likely buys misery. I like to read the business news like CNBC which is far less depressing than CNN or the like.


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Another 2nd job and saving Empty Re: Another 2nd job and saving

Post  Guest Tue Jun 15, 2021 7:32 pm

I had a job with a pension but I cashed it in when I took redundancy back in '94. In retrospect that was a mistake but I had a greater need I thought, back then. In any case my career was about to take off and I'd be fine,' I thought'. I actually crashed and burned.

Now I'm 61 with no pension and haven't had a proper job since 2008 and haven't worked (for money) since 2013.

Not the best career path I'm afraid.

In retrospect I should have taken my redundancy and pension money and hightailed it to London, got involved in the trans scene and transitioned sometime in the late nineties.

Hindsight is great.

A pension right now would be nice although my original pension would only come good in 2024.


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