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reverse art commission{looking for ideas for visuals and room}

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reverse art commission{looking for ideas for visuals and room} Empty reverse art commission{looking for ideas for visuals and room}

Post  luckykunai Fri Jun 25, 2021 1:25 am

I am looking to do what I call a reverse art commission it is as follows. instead of just commissioning art.. wich I have.. I want to put deception's of the art out there so I can have suggestions on what goes with these stylistically. I wil be using these for shorter stories but ontop of that I want to theme two rooms and hallways after these places that don't exist.... the art as follows. the theme is fairy core cyber punk badassiery. lol...
coral desert= kind of like the ocean but with no water, purple sand and coral like cactuses. Flying kuddle fish and a pack of wolves on the hunt that are kind of shark wolves... caves with glowing corals.. and glowing animals..
kawaii fungal swamp= should be filled with glowing funguses and a speeder like from star wars... it has to be a bit girly ut have human skeletons strewn about... and fairies but not big enough to see.. should be asian qwitch themed.
Cyber fae artic metroplolise= think of a dark and gothic city but with ice and snow.. White stars in the night sky with an aura borealis as in the sky.. Matching blue and Pink sports car with a black skull on both.. should have a kunoichi bent....
mask ideas
Dark fae warrior mask== should have green thorny vines... should be a lower half of a face with stone like skin... red lipstick.. And a tounge with a purple flame at the end.. As if the flame is magically produces... the vines should wrap the stone skin... last detail on mask c.. the lounge is licking the lips.. lol..
Fae cyber punk kunoichi mask=like gas mask meats subzeroes mask from mortal kombat... it should be pink and black with a pink heart,, it should be mostly black though...
Fanged lips= so this one is easy.. It is just lipstick covered lips but in a smirk.. The lips show a set of fangs.. And it has a lip rig in it the left... should have pink lip stick...
so the three warriors are =cyber fae sniper.. pixie fist...and fae tech artificer... the picture included is of a logo... this is the kind of thing I want but instead of a spartan.. I want those three... te fay sniper is to have an heart shaped eye patch logo. with a sniper rifle... the pixie fist is to have battle gauntlets like tifa lockheart but up to bock and the fairy tech artificer is to have two meat cleavers with a a pocket watch and a jester's cap... all three have a black background and are pick, white and blue designs.. I have some landscape ideas as well... ty for your patience... this is at for my walls.. Pink... white and blue... lol.... With black backgrounds and maybe some purple... lol. lastly a fae sorcerers based off the psychic and green latern style powers...

p.s. looking for details that could be added for each place and style of dess... ty..

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