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Doctor/Hospital Discrimination

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Doctor/Hospital Discrimination Empty Doctor/Hospital Discrimination

Post  Ronda Fri Jul 30, 2021 3:55 am

I don't like to witness discrimination and I don't like to witness dead naming. But sometimes maybe I get too angry and *maybe* there is a medical reason for some treatments, dosing and such.

An example. This lab at SF general - THE City that is more trans than any other - is utilizing tests according to the sex a person does not identify with.  See here at about 1:54 -  Now my question is does this need to happen or not?  Seems to me this guy gets paid half a million a year by the government and also has some job in Hawaii at the same time.

If there is a good reason for it, maybe, but if not, San Francisco isn't the place for it.


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Doctor/Hospital Discrimination Empty Re: Doctor/Hospital Discrimination

Post  Lesley Niyori Sat Jul 31, 2021 4:12 pm

I think the video you hoped to show, is not appearing.

At any rate dear, I was born amab. There are a few realities I'm ok with acknowledging. I am most definitely female, legally female and post-op as well. But the body will always be amab. And short of the required expensive tests, I'm guessing it's no different in design from my father.

I need the medical community that might be dealing with me in maybe life or death situations to know that my body is of a specific design.
If I've just had a heart attack, being called sir by mistake is not a problem. Unlikely in my case of course. I think my vagina will be a give away it's mam, not sir.

But not all transgender persons are post-op like me, and 'out' and full time and credentialed as female legally. But that IS precisely why I made it the case. Not everyone has this option of course.
And for those, life can and usually is a pain in the ass.

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Doctor/Hospital Discrimination Empty Re: Doctor/Hospital Discrimination

Post  MichaelaSJ Sun Aug 01, 2021 1:30 am

But, you are a physical male and the labs are using the appropriate test.

For example, unless you have had your prostate removed, the lab would be derelict if it didn't ask to perform a PSA test.

Other lab tests require a cis-male or cis-female description of the target individual so that some tests can be correctly calibrated.

These labs are NOT dead naming you - simply doing their job correctly.

My pulmonologist always apologizes when I have a breathing test as the testing device needs to know if the tested individual is a male or female.  

Remember, we are genetic males and gender specific females.

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Doctor/Hospital Discrimination Empty Re: Doctor/Hospital Discrimination

Post  Celia Eriksson Mon Aug 02, 2021 4:59 pm

Well, Ronda does say 'if there is good reason for it, maybe'.... for if there is indeed good reason, then any Dr., Consultant or GP should, without question, broach the subject tactfully with the patient and explain why the case notes and paperwork show birth gender.

Patients first!

Respect, humanity, compassion, integrity and discretion are essential for healthcare, anywhere in the world, we are human and we have feelings. Anyhow, professional lacking in any of those essential traits has chosen the wrong career path and actually, should perhaps not be allowed to practise.

Celia xx

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Doctor/Hospital Discrimination Empty Re: Doctor/Hospital Discrimination

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