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Pheromone oils

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Pheromone oils Empty Pheromone oils

Post  RebeccaMarie Sat Aug 14, 2021 5:11 am

Has anyone ever tried these products. For women that say they make men more attracted to you by upping your pheromones

Do you think these work and if so can they make a trans girl more attractive to a man?

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Pheromone oils Empty Re: Pheromone oils

Post  MyNicky Mon Aug 16, 2021 12:18 am

It sounds like snake oil to me but I wouldn't know any different anyway. Reminds me of those LYNX deodorant ads where one guy single handedly creates a hole in the ozone with the LYNX spray and all the girlies go weak at the knees because now the guy is topless for some reason...
There might be something to it or it may just be as much wishful thinking as bovine ovary...

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Pheromone oils Empty Re: Pheromone oils

Post  Celia Eriksson Fri Aug 20, 2021 4:11 pm

I think they are just as Nicky describes..... they won't cause a man to want you, if he has already given the split second 'no' that one gives to a man in the same way.

Though, just maybe if the guy already believes one to be quite fuckable, (not necessarily passable, they are two different things), the right scent could help things swing, just a a little more in favour.....

I shall stick to my favourite perfumes and scents, I have many. Beyonce's Heat, I am no fan of the music, but having been bought a bottle some time ago, I do like it..... it's for best, along with a few others. But, for everyday use I wear So.... Unique's Vanilla Candy, it is very lovely. For since I was small, I liked the odour of vanilla and would splash my Mother's vanilla essence upon myself, I imagined it would make me smell like a sweety. Bronnley too, some of their light stuff is nice to spritz through the day.

Snake oil = pheremone oils? Probably....

Celia xx

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