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Post  Celia Eriksson Fri Aug 20, 2021 5:36 pm

Oh my,

.... the plumber has just left, my outlet pipe on my washer dryer was..... well there was no outlet pipe. In my lovely little mobile home, my little moby, my little trailer...

For whoever fitted the last machine just had a pipe a-hangin' underneath and the water was splashing down onto the hard thingy bit upon which moby stands! I only heard this a few weeks ago, whilst basking in the sun in my little garden at the back.

So, he is going to fit a new one next week. But, also in Eriksson towers, the radiators were only heating up half way! But now after his magicacal superbicalness, I shall luxuriate this winter in splendorial heat, as they are heating up to the top again. Hooray!!!!!!

For it has been quite a week, I am fair shattered, doing too much stuff and I was so looking forward to relaxing this weekend... but my dear Brother telephoned to say he is bringing my Mother down tomorrow. Which is nice..... like zero notice, but I suppose I don't say boo to a Goose.... more fool me.

...and my Brother and Sister-in-Law are going to leave her here whilst they go on a long walk and savour the delights of the Hampshire coastline where I now live. Thus so leaving me to cater to her every whim and listening to 'advice'..

She does not do it when anyone else is around..... so they don't know. She will pick holes in anything that is not super shiny or quite perfect. Now, I do keep a tidy home, a very tidy and lovely home.

But there will be something. No, there will be more than something, there will be many things, considering it will likely be four or five hours and much of it will not matter which way round I do things, those things will be 'wrong'.

For one simple example or two, to give you the gist. If I leave a spare loo roll on the cistern of the loo, 'it will get grubby'. If I do not, it would be poor planning, 'one should always keep a spare close by'.... Once it was.. 'Do you turn those houseplants?' ....  'You do? If one turns houseplants it is not good for them, you should never turn houseplants.' 'This tea is fair stewed/ too weak.... the milk is quite off....'

I made my peace with her and we do get along, I do love her, but.... I cannot wait until Saturday night, when she says her goodbyes and then I shall feel guilty that I felt so.

Celia xx

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