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Hair style secrets (for transgender girls)

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Hair style secrets (for transgender girls) Empty Hair style secrets (for transgender girls)

Post  Lesley Niyori Sat Oct 02, 2021 6:28 pm

I thought I'd address this specific subject here for a bit.

Ok, in my avatar picture, I have hair parted in the middle and drapes down the sides.

Sideburns CAN be your enemy. Normally cis girls leave all their hair to grow long. No sideburns.
Try and avoid cutting your hair short on the side.
It also helps conceal facial hair on the sides of your face.

I don't always wear my hair center part and long. Currently, I wear it shorter and it curls inward.
Regardless of style, it is good if your hair narrows your exposed face. Men tend to have wider faces.
Men also have a more prominent upper face structure. Bangs help hide some of the upper facial areas.

Regardless, men are known to be more wild with their hair. Women tend to be fussier with their hair. Try and keep your hair well under control. You want to promote as many positive 'tells' as possible and limit the ones that work against us.

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