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It finally happened her in Boise

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It finally happened her in Boise Empty It finally happened her in Boise

Post  Elizabeth Lynn Tue Oct 26, 2021 11:33 pm

Yesterday an individual entered the Boise Towne Square mall and began shooting. A mall security guard approached the shooter and was shot and killed. A second person from Rupert ID was also killed.

The security guard was a a US Army veteran, and a trans woman. Rest In Peace and power Jo.

The shooter was wounded during an exchange of gunfire with police, critically injured and expired earlier today. Four other people were injured, some with non life threatening gunshot wounds and some from injuries sustained when evacuating the mall.

Motive is unknown at the moment, investigation is ongoing, but according to the Boise PD LGBT liaison, there is no indication that the security guard was targeted. Apparently the shooter was known to multiple law enforcement agencies.

This is heartbreaking.

Elizabeth Lynn
Elizabeth Lynn

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It finally happened her in Boise Empty Re: It finally happened her in Boise

Post  Lenneth Mon Jan 03, 2022 8:57 am

yeah, found out the Shooter was From Chicago and had a criminal history basically 100 miles long (details the chicago police withheld for reasons not given when the shooter purchased guns)

may the criminal pos rot in hell.

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