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Poland in the news

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Poland in the news Empty Poland in the news

Post  Lesley Niyori Sat Nov 13, 2021 11:03 am

It has become a point of friction at the Polish border recently.

I might routinely care, and I'm a history nut.

Poland has some horrible moments from last Century.

But I recently encountered some rather ugly video truths about Poland.

If this is the state of Poland in 2021, I'm forced to take a stance of indifference to their current political strife at the border.
For a then adult in 1939, they'd be over 100 years old.
I'm guessing those making Poland so anti LGBT today can forget my offering any sympathies for past historical traumas. They didn't experience them.

This video actually shocked me. I was not aware Poland was this hostile to my existence.
If it comes to a fight between Belorus, I'll likely reserve my 'give a fucks' for somewhere else.

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Lesley Niyori
Lesley Niyori

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Poland in the news Empty Re: Poland in the news

Post  Celia Eriksson Sat Nov 13, 2021 1:28 pm

Hi Bunny,

I am quite slow to generalise upon a people's mores, traits and belief. For amongst all creeds and races there are contrary opinions.

But, and it is a but that carries some weight of truth, it is a fact that within certain societies a dislike of anything, or anyone, outside the so-called 'norm' is entrenched.

This seems to be so with many Eastern European states and peoples, with Russia, Communist nations, some black communities, some South American communities and many Islamic states.

I cannot dislike any people for that, it is the societal pressure, the constraint, existing within those societies that I abhor.

For until such narrowmindedness is completely eradicated, whoever or whatever it is aimed at, this world will never find peace. Bigotry, distust and societal constraint is oh too rife, even in the democratic nations we live in. So much so, that often I wonder how on earth it will ever be truly eradicated....

Most Poles I find, face to face are a very decent people. If they harbour such thoughts, then they certainly have never shown it to me, I have met quite a few. I had a close Polish friend not so long ago that was very gentle a person as you may meet. She has gone back since, but we still mail each other.

Poland has been through hell and back as a nation. Not just when the Polish cavalry on horseback attempted to turn back Panzer tanks..... it never stood a chance. And as much as the Russians helped to end the last war, their treachery towards the Poles in '39 is almost forgotten. Luckily for us, Hitler and the Nazi wankers betrayed them, making one hell of a mistake, thank heavens. Why Poland would choose to allow such bigotry..... beggars belief.... For history does often repeat itself.

The Russian army is massed at the Ukranian border just now. France is sabre rattling at the UK at every possible moment, making mountains out of molehills, just now over half a dozen French fishing vessels. China has a very beady eye on Taiwan. The Russians have just tested NATO, by severing Norway's submarine detection system under the North Sea, probably to see how long it takes to repair. Russian warships enter British waters quite often, the RN escorting them until they leave. Russian military aeroplanes are constantly being escorted away by British, American and other NATO jets here in North West Europe, almost daily.

The first war started, (for most anyway), when the German Kaiser decided to attack little Belgium, not for the shooting of an Austrian Archduke by a Serbian nutcase..... and the second war because Hitler and Russia decided Poland was fair game to divide up...... Poland ought to remember that, often.

I think it was Einstein that said that he did not know which weapons would be used in World War Three, (probably at it's end at least), but World War IV would be fought with sticks and stones.

Celia xx

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Celia Eriksson
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