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Weight loss

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Post  RebeccaMarie Sat Jan 08, 2022 8:53 pm

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So I wanted to bring This up because it shocked me when I started my transition 5 weeks ago I weighed 325 lb I have not made any changes to my diet in fact I'm still eating quite a lot drinking soda quite a lot if I was like I was going to enjoy my current eating habit until I move into my own place and I have been shocked I've lost 33 lb not water weight cuz I've been drinking a quart twice everyday not food weight cuz I work at Zaxby's eat fried Chicken everyday and somehow I'm losing weight without any diet and it's doing it on hormones in fact the last time I was on hormones this happened too

It's strange I feel better I feel more talkative I feel happier in my weight is dropping

In fact my mom even noticed I've been far more talkative she was telling me that until recently I was hiding in my room (who's fault do you think that is Mom) but this is just been surprising to me and I am 100% convinced this body weight loss has been caused by me just being on hormones and being able to live as a woman even just slightly it's made a huge impact 5 weeks ago I weighed 325 now I weigh 292

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Post  Celia Eriksson Sun Jan 09, 2022 11:35 am

Hi Becky!

That is, after a little conversion to stones and pounds, a two stone drop!!!! That is very good and I hope it continues for you. Generally speaking, mtf would expect a little weight gain, overall. It is generally a rise in body fat and a decrease of lean, muscular tissue.

It takes time though, so watch your weight carefully. Much will still be going on after 2 years, even after 4 years still things will be improving.

And it depends where much of the weight is now. Usually. a mtf on hrt will find that the thigh hips and bottom will enlarge and the stomach will lose fat. So if possible try to work out where this fat is disappearing from, for if it is the stomach, things are going well.

Muscle will diminish, legs and arms. I know I do go on about it and I find exercise worst than a chore.... but it does help and will help you very, very much. Just avoid any exercise that would increase muscle in arms particularly, but bear in mind strenuous exercise involving legs can give you footballers legs.

There are plenty of good work-out videos on Youtube that will help... look for the ones that will help flatten your tum-tum... some require as little as 20 minutes per day.

Good luck honey, keep us posted.

Celia x

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