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The world situation

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The world situation Empty The world situation

Post  Lesley Niyori Sun Mar 27, 2022 3:28 pm


I thought Putin would be around longer than Trump.
Now, it's hard to say.
I wish he'd eat his last Big Mac and expire.
Putin might face a different end.

Ukraine is a shambles. The Russians might not win, but sadly I can't see any result for Ukraine as being a thrill.
And Putin is using the N word. Thanks you scum ball. I need my cold war stress back.

China might go under financially before its Nintendo army can invade Taiwan. They build islands but seem unaware the ocean is rising. Maybe covid will get them.

Meanwhile, people want to call my PM Justin a dictator. As if Justin is at all like Putin or Xi.
That pisses me off more than any of the above actually.
He was at least fairly elected.
And I am NOT proud of stupid easily manipulated truckers 'protecting' my freedom.
My freedom is just fine. It was before those losers showed up.

I finally got myself tested. Negative. No surprise there. I'm vaccinated. And I don't go anywhere. Of course it's negative.
90% of Canada is vaccinated. And 10% are retards.
They have lifted the mask need. And in 3 months something will happen I suppose.
And I still won't care.

The news is full of shit mostly.
Fox News is not worth more than the value of used toilet tissue.
CNN likely barely better.
I watch WION and get better coverage of world events.
I don't trust any news in North America to a point.
I suppose it is better than news in China or Russia.

I live month to month cash-wise. Doomsday prep? As if a gun and some ammo and a lot of food and water supplies and limited meds will make surviving better.
The day that my pension fails from my country failing from the world going down the drain in some apocalyptic scenario, is likely the day I die. Being able to survive a few months more won't accomplish much.

Then again, if the bombs drop, if the power and infrastructure collapses, if society loses the 21st-century living perk, maybe that's a good thing. No records mean I can say I'm a teacher, and no records mean no proof I'm NOT qualified. And frankly, I CAN teach any subject under the sun. I just lack the piece of paper saying so. But it takes me little effort to sound more educated than anyone around me.

Society is soooo much incredibly dumb bullshit. All are tied to the internet, computers, and a digital reality. I'd miss you guys. I won't miss the internet. I'd miss my auto-deposit pension, but I'm not worthless without electricity. As long as I have my teddy bear Frank and some books and my tools I'm ok. I'd make a good baker. I have all my bakeware.

But it was my 60th birthday yesterday (yeah me Smile ). I'm a bit too old to play the young adult game. I got the surgery, I'd miss the hormone meds. But I'm irrevocably female.

Fuuuuuuck, can't our species give me one year without a lot of dumb ass crap and stress?
Fuuuck, Putin, you DO realize I hope, that the prevailing winds blow YOUR way eh. You drop bombs on Ukraine, the fallout blows your way. Didn't you notice that after Chernobyl?
Xi, you build islands out of nothing, but the oceans are rising from your pollution. You do realize what that means, right? The next hurricane season isn't going to be any nicer than the last one was. You don't need Taiwan, you need to stop encouraging the flooding of your coasts.
It's not all China of course. Aus needs to understand, they are the reason their east coast is flooding when not on fire. And Texas should start drawing some conclusions as well. And the East coast, and the west coast. Basically most of the US. And lots of Europe.

I'm far inland. Not surrounded by trees, but rather a great deal of water and wet landscape. Not potable water though, just drought resistant. No real flooding or hurricane danger. But the economy is not immune here.

And now you understand, why being transgender means little in my life lately. I have breasts and a vagina. I'm bald and I have to shave and have a guy's voice. I can bullshit my way past that. I had throat cancer, ruined my voice, lost my hair, and it's easy to shave.

If the world goes down the drain, it will be hard for right-wing extremist Christian racist dogma to reach me. Especially from far away in the US south. A lack of social media will sure put a halt to a lot of garbage drama real fast.
Then I can focus on how the climate couldn't care less who or what I am.

Hi, I'm the forum's resident brat
I find it important to point out I am indeed the first member here Smile
Lesley Niyori
Lesley Niyori

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The world situation Empty Re: The world situation

Post  Celia Eriksson Fri Apr 01, 2022 4:06 pm

Hi Bunny,

The world has changed so much since we were young.... and happy birthday.... somewhat belatedly!!!

I remember not having mobile phones, not having the internet, not having people outraged by anything and everything. Life was simpler then, for everyone. You have the right attitude to it all. I do too, but in a different way, for though I tend to think of all these things as pure bad luck to be alive whilst they happen, (if I could choose I would like to be born about 1870!!!), I am, as ever an optomist.

Vlad Putin has been very naughty, he needs to pull out those troops now! Was I Ukraine, I would give him the Russian speaking bits of Ukraine in return for joining the EU and peace. Then the Russians must send materials and builders and rebuild everything they have destroyed. I just think that is fair.

But whereas the infrastructure and economy must be rebuilt, the Ukranian dead and the young Russian soldiers cannot be rebuilt. They are gone forever and that is the real tragedy.

Russia should decide who they want as leader and if Vlad is it, so be it. Though peace must reign, it cannot possibly be in his interest to wage any war. The Russian economy needs to be rebuilt and only peace will allow that. Russia has potential, but it must not emulate aspirations of Hitler, Napoleon et al, the result is always defeat in modern times, when the world is against unjust imperial expansion.. it will happen that peace will reign, I am sure.

Covid-19 is a blight and the UK has finally realised that. Lockdown did not work and has been shown to have been a complete waste of time. The power of the vaccines are evident and now we are learning to live with it and exercise our freedom. It will go away, of that I am also sure.

Trudeau, Biden, Macron, Johnson..... all imperfect. But who are the alternatives? We have what we have and we can't do much about it. There will be better leaders.... I did read of the truckers at the border of USA/Canada, but don't know enough to comment about it....

The BBC are fairly ok, but they tend to report on politics with quite a left winged bias. It is probably better that way than the other way, but they are supposed to be totally impartial by decree.... they are not, which is a bugbear, but I find them very good. We do get a British CNN and can watch American Fox, but not the Canadian news channels. We used to get RT, the Russian one, but it was banned some weeks ago.... I never watch them.

I recently watched some of Lois Theroux's documentaries about Christian radicals in the USA.... my, are they strange. There are homophobes, racists and many have some very whacky ideals. Scary stuff!

Lots of trees here, but only a short walk to the sea.... some of the weirdest currents out in the Solent too. Local fishermen and yachtsmen know them well, but newbies can find themselves in quite a pickle with them. The Spanish Armada back in 1588 was very foxed by them, whereas the English ships ran rings around them, many of the sailors knowing the Solent, in fact sail warships were built here where I live back in the day. I am too old to worry about flooding... it is quite hilly here and I am a good thirty feet above sea level, if I get flooded, Southampton and Portsmouth would sink, London would be underwater too...

I just carry on. Life is what it is, I don't think of who I am and what I am. It has been quite some time since I have received any negativity. It is mostly down to passing, I guess, but even when people know, I think attitudes are changing, however much the press tries to whip up hatred... I am sure things will only get better.

The biggest problem is there in your last line Bunny. The environment. Oh, you and I will be long gone before it hits hard, towards the end of the century. Plastics must be reduced, hydrogen must be captured cheaply and employed safely as a fuel, windpower, sea wave power must be stepped up.

And waste must be dealt with sensibly, forestry must be sustainable, farming green. Items must be built to last, not to be designed to break or cease working after a few years.... and discarded as unrepairable by cost or type.

One planet.... millions upon millions of days space flight from a truly inhabitable alternative elsewhere.... Man is still blind to that fact, mostly through an avaristic system of rule by very, very few. Ecological disaster is the only thing I cannot be hopeful about. I hope that before I die I see it being faced up to seriously and the problem not being only used as an excuse to make money out of.

Celia xx

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Take chances, make mistakes. That’s how you grow.
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Celia Eriksson
Celia Eriksson

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