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I've come to realize

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I've come to realize Empty I've come to realize

Post  Lesley Niyori Sat Apr 09 2022, 11:23

You only see unvarnished transphobia on the internet, where the foul opinions get to hide behind a screen and anonymity.
Because in person, in Canada at least, it comes with legal repercussions.
I never see overt transphobia in my hometown. Unless it's mouthy jr high kids.
I'm not really online enough to need to deal with it. As such, in my daily experience, if anything, I have no reason to even consider my being transgender.

Politics. I find Canadian politics to be dull from a dangerous point of view.
It's likely why non-Canadians know much of us.
Because it's dull.
It's amazing the trucker convoy got so noticed.
Everyone was so "Canadians protest so nicely."

I consider US politics to be fucking dreadful. The right appears to be fucking stupid, beyond belief. The left appears to be inept, beyond belief. In short, the American voter seems to be predominantly and depressingly useless, beyond belief.
I don't hate Americans. But I'm sure glad I'm not one.

I find world politics shocking as well. For a variety of reasons. I have so little desire to leave Canada, for any reason whatsoever. It's not the cost, it's the lack of any place I want to experience. Maybe if there were no humans there.

I'm worried about Ukraine. I'm worried about a few places. When will the Chinese schmucks grow a pair? How can they just go on putting up with the party of Xi?

The climate worries me. I have 40+ years of expertise backing up my worries.
It's not going to get better, at all, without an extremely energetic planet-wide devotion, which simply is asking too much of humanity. Greed and denial don't want to do anything.

I've seen so much, too much, to prevent me from a very dim and very pessimistic point of view.
I'm too old to be an advocate. I see people slagging me, young punks calling me queer, and really, all I feel like saying is, "yes, I fuck men, I fuck women. I've fucked your soil, your air, your water, your entire climate, and as a result, your future kid. I've fucked you and all your friends. Your parents. I've truly fucked everything." Calling me queer, is such a pathetic attempt to bother me.

I've watched people tell me "it's normal weather for there" in response to extremes of heat and cold, of rain and snow, of hurricanes and tornadoes. "Oh? really?" The floods are ordinary I'm told. The water isn't running out I'm told. The seeming extremes are not that extreme I'm told.

I'm a planetologist. The gulf stream wasn't always there actually. The Atlantic Ocean wasn't always there. The actual average temp of our planet is actually closer to 50. So if you can't live with 40 aka 98 or more for Americans, yer going to love 50. We are in an interglacial. This means our species grew up and evolved during a 'cold' portion of our planet's history. 2022 is actually 'cold' technically. It CAN get colder. It CAN get hotter. We seem to be aiming for hotter. It can exist as hotter. But the planet will indeed change greatly. Our temperate zones don't need to be 'wet'. But, it would be better for our species if they were.

Our planet is 4.5 billion years old. Most of that was mainly lifeless. The continents have moved a lot. They are still moving too. We humans have been around for a plenty puny teeny tiny slice of the most recent portion of our planet's history. And we will be pretty darned lucky to be in that history for much longer if we don't get it together.

Stuff comes and stuff goes. The glaciers come, and everything from the bedrock up disappears in Canada. Will the ice come again? Who knows. Will it even matter if we are long gone? As a species, most of our past means little. Life here on planet earth has only been 'interesting' since 1950. Less than 100 years. I won't see 2050. I thus don't need to care if our species make it to 2100. I see the science shows talking about 1 million AD, and I just want to laugh. 3000 AD seems like a massive accomplishment.

What moves me? Anything that makes my day worth giving a shit.
I read because I can. Romance novels of a totally unrealistic nature. Cliche hetero cisgender boy meets girl stuff. Because it's asking too much of our society to write anything with me in it.
I like to paint landscapes with snowy mountains and deep forests. Which might actually disappear.
I play military history-based war games. Not sure why some days.
I like to make models of military hardware. Not sure why some days.
Some days, I'd like to chuck it all, and just make a model train layout. Nothing devoted to death and destruction.
I'm often wondering what is stopping me.
I enjoy reading science fiction from far off times 10s and 100s of thousands of years in the future.
But it seems hard to imagine our species lasting that long.

Humanity could be doing so much more, worth so much more.
But it currently isn't trying for much more.

I wouldn't put too much energy into 'fitting in' as transgender in a world that is more likely to self-destruct for all the homophobes and transphobes equally well. The religious and the atheist will all get treated equally. I'm not a doomsday prepper. It will not be back to anything like 'normal' if anything sufficiently bad actually happens. It won't be a case of waiting out a few months of chaos. If we trash our civilization and society, it will be gone. The rebuild will take as long as it took the first time. Maybe 2000 years, maybe less than 2000, maybe more than 2000. But your stash of canned goods won't be enough Smile

Hi, I'm the forum's resident brat
I find it important to point out I am indeed the first member here Smile
Lesley Niyori
Lesley Niyori

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I've come to realize Empty Re: I've come to realize

Post  luckykunai Sat Apr 09 2022, 11:53

I am currently reading you r post. but amen when it comes to american politics.. I am an american and I have to seal with both parties and no ther options.. we have to deal with te ratchet effect...

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I've come to realize Empty Re: I've come to realize

Post  luckykunai Sat Apr 09 2022, 11:57

death is very indescrinenent. sadly... human progress goes in an upward spiral on a graph.. we are in the dowaerd part of that spiral.. that may be what kills us though. going through that downward part even though the overall trend is upward... in the long run though we may freek the planet over so badly that we/it are unsavable in the long run...

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I've come to realize Empty Re: I've come to realize

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