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I am a Terran

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I am a Terran Empty I am a Terran

Post  Lesley Niyori Sun May 15, 2022 5:21 pm

I am Terran.
My pronouns are 'hello' and 'goodbye' followed by Bunny. For instance "Hello Bunny" or "Goodbye Bunny". Or Bunny said, Bunny did, this is Bunny's, or is Bunny here?
I don't use identifiers like she he hers his or they or them.
My name is Bunny, use it.
And of course, for strangers that don't know my name.
It's not important how they identify me. I don't care that much.
I don't care what human laws are, or human morals, or human principles, or what humans believe in. Odds are humans don't either. It's a human thing I have noticed. Humans say one thing and mean another, and human actions are unreliable.
Thus, I am not intending to worry about human ways.
I'm a Terran.

I have decided, I'm not homo sapiens.
I must be different somehow.
Why is it I get what no human seems to get?
I was willing to settle for the label being simply 'human'.
Nope. I don't wish to identify with them at all.
My gender it seems is neither male nor female.
I seem to be part bunny, part wolf, and part bear.
They can keep all of being human to themselves.
Their laws, moralities, principles, wonky beliefs.
I don't have a catchy species label yet.
Terran. It's about as close as I think I need.
I think my flag will be 25% green splotches on a blue background with light white wisps over all on top. The Terran flag.

People say "But Bunny, what about human rights?"
Hmm, when was the last time human rights actually protected humans?
If being Terran I give up human rights, where do I actually lose out?
So yeah, I can walk away and not be at any more risk than I was before.

Humans hate being called racist, but it doesn't prevent them from being racist.
They like to be religiously intolerant, but hate being called religiously intolerant.
They are obsessed with the colour of skin.
They are biased against differing genders.
They don't want to support the disabled disadvantaged and the poor. Until they become as such.
They actually think the government and corporations care.
Humans are sure stupid.

I rarely expect anything meaningful from stupid people.
I might as well not expect human rights to be of much value in a pinch.
I'll just do what I can to be happy, or safe.
My rules, my ways my reasons.
At least I trust me.
If I have to 'use' humans to meet my needs, oh well, they do it to each other as well. So it won't shock them much is my guess.

When in Rome eh.
Just playing by their rules ya know.
Whatever works.
Just don't call me inhumane.
I'm Terran.

Hi, I'm the forum's resident brat
I find it important to point out I am indeed the first member here Smile
Lesley Niyori
Lesley Niyori

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I am a Terran Empty Re: I am a Terran

Post  Celia Eriksson Thu May 19, 2022 1:53 pm

Hi Bunny,

I had to look up 'Terran'.... it s a sci-fi term meaning Earthling? I shall respect that as such from your post and simply refer to Bunny as Bunny.

I am aware that lots of transgender epople get rather peeved if called by the wrong gender, I tend not to, life is too short. If and when it happens, I truly do not care anymore. Twas a time I thought, you can see I am feminine, you can see I present female, why are you calling me 'he, 'him', 'sir'.... I really do not care anymore, call me what you like.

I like being me. I am quite unique, never seen anyone quite like me around. As I walked through the auto doors work yesterday, I reached for a mask, two workmen seemed to hurry in. I walked on, they were saying stuff as they walked behind, I did not quite know what. But, I did catch one say "no, you leave her to me." Now that is what I like to hear. I do like that kind of thing, does not happen every day, but I will not complain about pronouns being used like that at my age.

To be living somewhere so quiet as now, my neighbours all accept me as I am. It's because I make an effort to always be friendly. I always try to be nice funny, show my kookiness and always am helpful, whenever possible. It is wonderful. Folk here give stuff, I give to them. We all save by that, if someone needs anything, before going to the shops or online, we ask if anyone has either to have or borrow.

If someone needs help with anything we do it. It was not so evident in Surrey, people were too busy.... Here, I don't care what pronouns are used, they know who I am..... it would do harm to my standing in this little community to start demanding them to call me pronouns of this or that, most are in their 70's, lived here always, I am the newby. Some do, some don't. Pointless to be worried or annoyed about it, I am 61, thanks to my lovely neighbours I am past caring about much anymore, I now know more of what is important in life.

Live your own life, don't worry about what any McNasty people think or say. Simply not worth worrying about, one jot.

I guess I like the Terran idea Bunny, but I will be just be me, unique me.... call me what you will. I have to attend my little garden now....

Celia xx

PS I have Tadpole in my pond, they are getting quite big..... and harder to see, the Lily pads are growing over again. There was lots and lots, but I read they eat each other.... there is about twenty or so, I guess. Soon there will be lots of little Frog, hippity-hopping around!!¬!

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Take chances, make mistakes. That’s how you grow.
Mary Tyler Moore (1936-2017).
Celia Eriksson
Celia Eriksson

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I am a Terran Empty Re: I am a Terran

Post  Mariehart11 Thu May 26, 2022 11:36 pm

Yes tadpoles, they eat each other as do aquarium fish. I remember  catching frog spawn and keeping them in a  biscuit thin on an asbestos roof. There was  one survivor who I released but the poor frog must  have  be traumatised growing up in a frog concentration camp. I  was a child in my defence.

As for being trans. I agree that pronouns wouldn't bother  me unless it's malicious but of course it's  trendy to  be malicious. Ricky Gervais thinks it's  amusing to use every anti trans trope in his act but uses the get out at the end of hiis supposed support  for  us. What a liar.

Why are we uniquely subject to  discrimination and ridicule even by so called  'woke'  characters.

It makes me angry and depressed.

We are uniquely hated it seems and the butt of any joke.

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I am a Terran Empty Re: I am a Terran

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