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last question{unrelated to other}

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last question{unrelated to other} Empty last question{unrelated to other}

Post  luckykunai Sat May 28, 2022 1:39 am

I really got a question. I seem to ask this question alot buttt... this time it's for a personal writing project. you see I was told that if I want my character to seem like a boyish girl but be a girlish/ boyish guy without to much androgyny. I would have to give them the right physique. I was on a writing forum and I asked how to make a character that was a girly tomboy in looks and they told me wit the clothes I was showing them. street wear and athleisure clothing that it would cone down to the physique of the chacter more than the clothing. technically this is an irl look I would love to have. One of two. That is nether here nor there. ant thoughts on this. the character themselves is pretty athletic but I am thinking the magic of the world keeps them more lean nut powerful.

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