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Great News (for Johnny Depp)

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Great News (for Johnny Depp) Empty Great News (for Johnny Depp)

Post  Lesley Niyori Thu Jun 02, 2022 1:45 am

Hey, in a world of negative negative shitty and just plain horrible...

I can't imagine you not seeing this, but Johnny Depp won.

Big yell of support.

Women are NOT always nice creatures. Some are fucking TERFs, some are just plain garden variety rotten cis bitches.

I'm glad this instance ruled in favour of the man.

Men, they are NOT all rotten creatures. Some men are like my honourary Dad. Some are like Johnny.

The woman isn't always the victim.

If I had a dollar for every rotten vagina transgender woman I've met, that's a nice pile of cash eh.

We are not special in that one area eh. Some women are not nice people.

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Lesley Niyori
Lesley Niyori

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Great News (for Johnny Depp) Empty Re: Great News (for Johnny Depp)

Post  Anna Mull Sun Jun 26, 2022 5:33 pm

I think it's worth pointing out that it wasn't a domestic violence case, but a defamation one. They were both in an abusive relationship; it was proven that Amber Heard was abused, too. Depp isn't innocent either and I think the media response and public outlash towards her is a misogynistic double standard.
Anna Mull
Anna Mull

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